No Dents, No Dings, and Completely Scratch Free!

In March, shortly after we closed on the house, we went to buy new appliances. Washer, Dryer and Refrigerator. Picking out what we wanted wasn’t hard (everyone’s feedback here helped a lot!), but getting it all in to place has been rather interesting.

First delivery was just the washer & the fridge. The gas dryer was on backorder, so they set up a second delivery for free. The delivery guys bring in the fridge, have me sign that it’s ok, and leave. They didn’t peel off the protective coating, and like a goober – I signed. Oops. Of course, I peel it off, and there is a scratch. Relatively minor, but this is my new fridge. We go back to see the salesman at the store and he offers 10% off or a new fridge. We were going to go for the money, but I realized that scratch would bug me every time I saw it – and I’m the type of person that notices stuff like that all the time. It was a good thing that we picked getting a new fridge though, because it turns out that fridge #1 wasn’t working correctly anyways.

Next delivery was the dryer. No problems at all there – they hooked it up fast, it works well.

Next attempted delivery was for fridge #2. Unfortunately, they discovered that they couldn’t turn off the water for fridge #1. The bearings in the valve were shot, the water wouldn’t go off, and unfortunately the valve was welded on to the pipe. The plumber from a company of plumbing in las vegas came out and replaced it – and made some other quick fixes too while he was here – for a quick $200, it is incredible to see how important it is to have plumbing
on handy. *sigh*

Last Friday, they brought out fridge #3. They were able to turn off the water, unhook the fridge, and then it all fell apart. They brought in fridge #3, moved it over by the desk in the kitchen, and then went to move out fridge #1. In the process, they put a big scratch in fridge #3. Great. Oh well, the door on fridge #1 is fine, we’ll just switch out the door. That would be the perfect plan – if it wasn’t for the fact that while he was trying to move out fridge #1 without scratching #3, he dented the door as he went past the island in the kitchen. Oops. The poor guy, I thought he was going to cry.

Today was our lucky day. The same guys from last week showed up and went right to work. Instead of moving around whole fridges, they took the doors off of fridge #3.5. (It’s not really fridge #4 if we just used the doors, is it?) Then they took the doors off of fridge #3. They swapped the doors and hooked up the water. Finally, after weeks of dealing with this, we have a fridge that is scratch free! At last! At last! w00t!

I’m giddy and excited, but at the same time – I feel a little lost. I’ve grown used to my service men coming to visit me all the time. All that is left is the delivery of new furniture this afternoon, and one more trip for the cable company. Then what will I do with my time? If you want to save from plumbing service, please checkout the link.

By Christine

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well, if your move goes anything like mine, first someone will hit your car so you spend your time arguing the with insurance companies and the repair shop. then your cieling will start leaking. once you get that fixed, you will get a new bank account and have to change all of your payroll and bill paying around.

and that’s about where i am now. after all of that excitement dies down, i plan on buying a new car, which should start it all up again. wheeeeeee.

(but i honestly hope after that fridge ordeal that everything else goes smoothly for you! )

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