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Oh, Fun…

My site was moved from one server to another a few days ago. However, no one noticed that some of my domains (including this one and the one I use for my MT installation) were still pointing at the old server for the past 2 days. My e-mail was going off in to limbo land, and my posts were going to the old server. Soooo… I just copied and pasted the posts to the new server so they would show up again. Sometime this weekend I am going to have to reconfigure my old copy of MT to allow me to log in through the IP address so I can log in and manually move comments one by one.

I know, it sounds like more fun than you have ever had and you’re extremely jealous of me.

I think I’m going to need a spork

By Christine

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You can use the MT export function from your old server, then edit the file in a text editor to keep only the entries you want. It will export all the comments and reimport them, as well as categories, keywords, etc. Let me know if you need some help! 🙂

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