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On the First Day of Christmas…

Today’s “Question of the Day” is … just exactly when are the 12 Days of Christmas? Anyone that can get the answer correct without looking at the link gets bonus points! (I actually got 5 points of extra credit on an exam in college for knowing this.) If you want more information you can check out (beware of the pop-up ads) or Snopes (beware of the horrid midi file). Happy Holidays!

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Oooh!! Me! Me! Me! Pick me! The twelve days of Christmas are Christmas day to the Epiphany (or Octave of Christmas) or what I believe is the day that Christ was presented at the temple. Ya dig? Yay.

I can sing you the song, let’s see if I can remember this….
12 Lords a leaping (Riverdance anyone?)
11 Drummers Drumming
10 Pipers Piping
09 Dancers Dancing
08 Geese a Laying
07 Swans a Swimming
06 Maids a Milking
05 Golden Rings
04 Calling Birds
03 French Hens
02 Turtle Doves (Turlte, Turtle!)
01 Partridge in a Pear Tree

Was I close?

The Australian version of the song goes like this:
1. An emu up a gum tree.
2. Two pink galahs.
3. Three jabirus.
4. Four kookaburras.
5. Five kangaroos
6. Six platypuses
7. Seven koalas climbing.
8. Eight possums playing.
9. Nine wombats working.
10. Ten lizards leaping.
11. Eleven numbats nagging.
12. Twelve parrots prattling.

According to Bob & Doug McKenzie’s (*Great White North*) version of the song…the twelve days are: Christmas, Christmas Eve, *Wrestling Day* (oops, Boxing Day). Then there’s New Year’s Day, New Year’s Eve, and two Saturdays and Sundays in between. That makes nine days, so the other three are *the mystery days*!


Seriously, Mike and others have it right.

Y’all are all right. We have an Epiphany party every year to wind up the Christmas season. We leave our tree and lights up ’til then too.

Keep wearing that Christmas sweater until Jan 6th!

Now if you want to go back even further, there is a very old lengthy Scottish nursery rhyme called “The Thirteen Yule Days” about what a wealthy Scottish king once sent his lady love on each of the celebratory days.

In Norse tradition, Yule is a twelve-night long celebration which eventually became incorporated into the Christian version.

I also guessed it was from the 25th to the 6th (and I’m a Jew! Hee!) but what clued me off is that I used to go to school with a few Eastern Orthodox people, who celebrate their christmas on January 6th, the Epiphany.

Look! 12 comments before I make mine … only fitting! Yes, yes – the 12 days of Christmas are the days between Christmas and Epiphany! And this time of year it drives me CRAZY when I see everyone counting from the 13th to Christmas day!

I had no idea that Jan. 6th had any signifigance what-so-ever in the Catholic church… and I’m Catholic (though not by choice). Very interesting. My little brother’s birthday is also on January 6. 🙂

thanks for the Australian version – i love it!! My Preschool class are going to perform this for their end of year christmas concert. Thanks again 🙂

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