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One of These Things Is Just Like the Other…

Compare & contrast and

Surgeon Specific Warning: I would suggest avoiding having any liquid in your mouth when you open the ClassAction link.

No need to contact MT, they know about it already. I found it on Anil’s site.

Please discuss among yourselves…

By Christine

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10 replies on “One of These Things Is Just Like the Other…”

Hey, that’s my warning! 😉 Goodness, though, that’s quick shocking … no matter how many times I see it, I still can’t believe how many people steal things on the web. 🙁 And they did a crappy job in the little things they changed, too! :\

it’s a little ironic……being that they’re a lawsuit information site. 🙂 wonder if they can consult themselves on copyright violations.

wow. it’s rather ironic considering what the site is all about. I wonder if it’s shear coincidence, or if someone designed it for them, or if they just ripped it off.

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