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The Amazing Invisible Moon…

I was at work until 9:00 tonight. Getting one attorney ready for a trial while he is trying to prepare a brief at the same time, and another attorney ready for a deposition tomorrow. No time to stop for much of anything.

Driving home, I realized I forgot to call in a prescription I needed refilled. I decided to turn to the south instead of the north and head to the closest Walgreens to pick it up. As I was driving, I noticed that the moon looked … well, strange. I knew there was just a full moon last night, so it was odd that I could only see a small sliver at the top. Interesting. I thought that it looked like an eclipse, but … there must just be clouds blocking the rest of it. I would have to check it out when I got to the store.

I got there, but never got out of the car because the store was already closed. I forgot all about it by the time I got home.

Know what happens when you’re so busy at work that you don’t have time to read the news or watch TV? Yeah… you completely miss the fact that there actually was a full lunar eclipse tonight!

By Christine

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I did actually see it – not for long, and it wasn’t glowing red – but it wasn’t covered by clouds like I thought at all – it was the eclipse itself I was seeing. I laughed when I spotted the headline on MSN about it last night because it was such a “Doh!” moment!

We saw it pretty well last night outside Denny’s where we where having dinner after watching Matrix Reloaded. Gelli & Brendon got a chance to see it – can you believe that they hadn’t learned what a lunar eclipse was??? What are they teaching them in school nowadays?

Hubby and I went out into the backyard to watch (here in Houston). No clouds at all around 10:15pm. It was pretty cool.

I read that it looks pink or reddish because it is getting a little sun indirectly through our atmosphere, which blocks out a lot of the blue.

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