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One Peep to Rule Them All?

Easter is here, and I giggle every time I see the Peeps for sale at the store. Some people do more than laugh though. Some people are inspired to work with the Peeps, to make them be something greater, to show them their true destiny … The Lord of the Peeps!

If I had more time, I would design a skin devoted to the Hobbit Peeps. Peeps rule! (Just don’t eat them – they taste nasty!) [via Geek Love]

By Christine

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12 replies on “One Peep to Rule Them All?”

Some folks have WAAYYYYYY too much time on their hands! I am afraid. I always have to get rid of a ton of them after Easter. My MIL buys each kid about six packs — GAH!

Peeps are my wife’s favorites. She has already received her Easter Peeps, but now that there are Halloween (bats and pumpkins) and Christmas (snowmen and Christmas trees) Peeps, she gets Peeps year around. I wonder what they can do for summer? Hummm….

That is the best use of peeps yet! We actually have been using peeps for scientific projects here (ie seeing if the grow more when dunked in water or if microwaving – its the latter)

It’s that time of year again, when Peeps are flooding store shelves. Let us not forget the Evil Peeps Bunnies Survival Tests, which always comes up each year, as well as Bunnies Strike Back. But here’s something that I…

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