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Party Pic! Party Pic!

When I was in college I actually worked for one of the “Party Pics” companies. You know the ones – they walk around the sorority and fraternity parties with cameras, and people yell out that they want their picture taken. Afterwards, sheets of proofs are delivered and you can order 5x7s of the photos. It was actually a pretty cool job – you got to go to parties, and everyone wanted you to take their pictures – the worst thing was when 10 people were trying to get your attention at once. But you can’t really complain about that, can you?

So I was one of the party pic people both Friday & Saturday night and you can view my photos from Elaine’s and EJ’s parties here. When you’re done, you can head on over to EJ’s galleries and check out the ones from both his camera and Hanna’s. They are online here and here. Elaine’s pumpkin carving photos are online over here.

And Mandy was worried because she didn’t bring her camera…

By Christine

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oh, man! those are GREAT pictures!!!!! i can’t even begin to tell you which ones made me nearly pee in my pants. i have been waiting for these pictures all day! so… what’s next potluck for Thanksgiving???

Back in my day at UT the company was called Phototech. At parties we’d raise our hands like were were calling a cab and yell, “Phototech!”. And the camera guy would show up and snap our picture.

The party was never quite over until we got the proof sheets and could see all the pictures.

Thanks for the memory.

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