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Photoshop Crisis!

Is there any way to edit an action to take out actions you don’t want it to have? I accidentally added stuff to my “Lomo Normal” action, and now when I try to go to the website that offered up the Lomo Actions, I get an error instead of the page. Ugh. I ruined them. I need them. Help! Does anyone have a backup? Can you e-mail it to me? me @ this domain will arrive in my mailbox! Help!

By Christine

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5 replies on “Photoshop Crisis!”

I think you can delete one item at a time from an action in Photoshop. Simply click the arrow to the left of the action to show the entire list of things the action does, then select the item you want to remove and go to the palette options (the arrow at the top right of the actions “window”) and select delete. It will then ask you if you want to delete the selected item – of course you do! 😉 If you mess up, Ctrl-Z should undo your last mistake with no problems. 😉

I sent you my backup copy… (unfortunately, I forgot to fill-in the Subject field in the EMail, so hopefully any ant-spam software you have won’t trash it… nuts… sorry)

i have it too. let me know if michael’s doesn’t work. also, to remove the suff you “added” you just drag the line with the bad added stuff to the little trash receptacle on the bottom of the actions pallette. it will just erase that specific line, not the whole action. let me know if you get it to work.

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