Pink Pajama Pants…

My ears are still crackly whenever I swallow. My temperature hasn’t dropped much yet, even after a few doses of the Tylenol Cold that my Mom went to the store to pick up for me. The chicken broth she brought me back from the store has helped some too – nothing quite like that warm soothing feeling. Wearing my Media Whore t-shirt and my pink polka dot satin pajama pants. Remember those hair photos I promised? Yeah, not taking them until I can actually breathe out my nose again. Which I can sort of do now thanks to the medicine, now it just keeps running. And the irony? I got spam e-mail for a free 7-day sample of Allegra. Ha! Too late for that now!

There has been one good perk to this. I finally got to finish reading the 4th Harry Potter book, the Goblet of Fire. Matter of fact, I read over half of it in two days. Good book. If you haven’t read the series, do it. I was completely caught off guard by the twists and turns – the type of story that makes me truly happy. Now I’ll have to see if Jason will let me read his copy of “The Hobbit” and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. First I’m going to read the books I borrowed from Kymberlie. At the rate I’m going, those should be fast!

By Christine

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I don’t think you’ll find the Hobbit as fast a read as even the entire Harry Potter series. It’s much more of a literary book, full of songs and poetry. Personally I think the only way to read the Tolkien books is to actually have them read *to* you. You can’t borrow Mike (who’s perfected all the voices) but perhaps an unabridged CD set?

Thinking about the Potter books makes me want to go watch the DVD again. I can’t wait till the new movie comes out in November. 🙂

I can’t handle audio books. Just like I can’t listen to baseball games on the radio. I lose all “vision” of the story. Your Mike reading it to me might work though, but you won’t let me borrow him. Which is ok, I prefer to read them myself. Tolkien was fantastic at playing with words, and I can’t wait to dig in to that and read it.

I’m not normally a super fast reader. It should be noted that I started to read the Goblet of Fire in June. I just read half of it while in bed the past 2 days, which tells you how much time I spent in bed. I like to take my time with books – I’m not a slow reader, but I don’t skim. And I’ll backtrack when I need to to pick up on details I might have overlooked otherwise.

I think the reason I had a hard time with Tolkien (though the Hobbit was the worst because Bilbo annoyed me with all the whining) is that I do read very fast. Not in a skimming, don’t take my time to enjoy it sort of way, but I just talk fast and write fast and read fast. Tolkien is definitely meant to be savored and read aloud like to a child. I love reading aloud, I just can’t manage reading aloud to the slow rhythm he requires. (Explains my whole Walt Whitman obsession, eh?)

I know what you mean about some audio books taking you out of the visual experience. When I read a book it feels like I’m watching a movie. I sometimes get anxious if I get interrupted and have to leave an important part. I feel like I’m going to miss something, like when watching a tv show. I’m a freak! heh.

The exceptions to that have been for me the Amy Tan books on tape. She narrates them herself and like Tolkien her books have that story book feeling to them. Y’know like they shouldn’t be written down at all but passed on from generation to generation by doting grandparents.

Hehe, if you had to choose – which Potter book is your favorite so far? (I’m just curious and you already know the fourth is my favorite 😉 Tolkien is definitely a lot slower to read than the Potter books – he puts so much more time into description to make the world as real as possible. I find that when I read Tolkien, the best way to enjoy it is to read it aloud – even if to myself. His books are one of the biggest reasons I want to read to my kids when I have them. 🙂

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