Please Excuse Me While I Go Carnival Freak Crazy…

The cable guy was supposed to be back today between 10 and 12. They came last week, but the work order was missing an outlet that we had requested be installed – so I had to book a second appointment to get the rest of the work done, and there would be no charge for the outlet. Needless to say, I wasn’t happy about having to wait again (the first guy was over an hour late), but I decided I would get some boxes unpacked while I waited, so it would work out ok.

Noon came and went, with no cable guy. I called about 12:15, and they apologized and said he would be here within the hour. 1:46 – an hour and a half later – I called again. I had not left the house, and by this point in time I had waited close to four hours. I was ready to snap.

Then I was told that the cable guy had been here, but there was no one home at 1:36 so he put a tag on the door and moved on to his next job.

I went carnival freak crazy on the poor customer service guy.

I had waited four hours, I have an apartment to finish cleaning out, I have things to do today, I haven’t been able to do anything because I am here waiting for them, and why on earth would I call the cable company 10 minutes later asking where he was if he had been here?!?

All I can figure out is that he knocked on the door and didn’t ring the doorbell. I was in the bedroom (maybe 20 feet from the front door) unpacking boxes, and I was definitely here. I wanted a refund.

The customer service guy pointed out that it was already being done for free. I pointed out that the original install wasn’t free, plus there is monthly service – I wanted a credit for the four hours of my time that was wasted. Or I wanted someone out here – TODAY. There is no way the dispatcher couldn’t get anyone back out here. I ended up crying, I was so irritated.

He put me on hold forever as he went to talk to his supervisor. He probably has a blog too and was posting about the freaked out customer on the line that was wigging out on him. It’s all different when you think about it in those terms, isn’t it?

He came back to the line, and apologized for putting me on hold for so long. Before he could say anything else, I profusely apologized for freaking out on him. I mean, he’s just the nice guy on the other end of the phone – none of this is his fault, right? He thanked me for that, pointing out that he understood how stressful it is when you’re trying to move and there is a lot to do and that waiting that long was probably pretty frustrating for me. He was quite sweet, actually. I told him that I hoped he would remove the blacklisting from my account – I don’t normally freak out like that.

In the end, there is a $20 credit on the account and the cable guy will be here on Friday between 10 and 12.

Now I get to go and clean out the old apartment. Ugh. I guess I got a nice little four hour break thanks to the cable guy – now it’s time to get busy. Anyone want to come and help?

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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Oh man, just reading that made my blood pressure rise. It brought back memories of my own recent cable installation hell. Why can’t they just get it right the first time?! I didn’t go carnival freak crazy on my cable company, but maybe I should have – I had to wait 9 days for my problem to be fixed!

i can only imagine the cable guy rapping on your door just once, maybe twice, and touching it every so softly as to not make a single noise and counting that as being there and nobody being at home. UGH! that just so sucks. at least you got a credit… but that is surely not enough to pay for 4 hours of minimum wage! LOL

just crank up the music and unpack those boxes! and then when Friday rolls around, sit in front of the door with a shotgun. LOL

Okay, THAT’S weird. Because here at the office, we had a cable guy come by today. Liz let him in, he started poking around in the server room, and when I noticed and asked what was up, he said someone had called for him. No one had called for a cable guy. He showed me a work order and everything. But no one had called for a cable guy. Maybe we got your cable guy?


Have I told you enough times that you so totally rock? Seriously, it’s awesome that you’re handling everything that you are.

I’ll be over to help move boxes later. (Duh.)

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