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Second Leg…

All caught up now! I just finished watching the second leg of The Amazing Race. This summary is dedicated to Donna, who accidentally didn’t record the show.

I think it’s interesting that they are showing little clips of the teams mingling with each other during the pit stop. They haven’t really done that in the past seasons, at least not like this. I think it’s important to remember though that there is some down time in the race. I’m sure it effects the whole group dynamic.

Spoilers ahead – you’ve been warned!

Why does Zack have a light on his head? How hysterical. Smart of the teams to buddy up like that to figure out how to get to the pyramid.

Oh! Eve has a sexy headlamp too! Don’t these vans come with interior lights?

I love that everyone is against the twins. It’s cracking me up. We all hate the pretty people! Then again … an alliance can bite you in the ass, and as they go to the commercial break you’re left wondering if they are all lost. “This is a road straight to Hell!”

The climb to the top of that pyramid does NOT look fun. I probably would have just dropped right there on the spot. Ugh!

Now they get to travel 1000 miles by bus to Cancun and find the San Marino Marina – I forgot to mention during the first leg that that bus can kill your chances!

The cop & fireman caught up with the teams ahead of them! They picked up some guy and had him guide them there. They made up TWO hours! Now he’s guiding them to the bus station and helping them “take the fast way”!

The twins get to fly with the Valadores for the Fast Forward – you climb up a 100 foot pole, hang by your feet and “fly” back down to the ground. If any team has the endurance for this, it’s the twins. Wait! They didn’t go upside down! THAT shouldn’t COUNT! But they gave them the Fast Forward – damn!

24 hour bus ride. 24 hours. How miserable! Also miserable is how Eve is “hysterically crying” to try to get the guy to hold the bus. Augh! And then the poor rescue men missed getting on the first bus – damn! Of course waiting for a bus is now an equalizer. And the twins are on the 2nd bus to Cancun too! That Fast Forward doesn’t always guarantee first place… OMG!!! The bus was in an accident!!! A car hit the bus and the bus door doesn’t open! Fortunately they had airbags and everyone was ok, but they won’t get a new bus for 20-30 minutes – and they were already 3 and a half hours behind the other bus! Man, that sucks!

Whoo hoo! Eve is wearing another tube top in Cancun! And meanwhile Arianne was just changing her top in the back of the cab. Too amusing!

Search for a clue in the lagoon. Go to the beach club and get a Jeep. Drive the Jeep to the ferry, take the ferry to Cozumel. Get to a park, find the next route marker.

They have taken to calling Jill “Rambette” – too funny! I love it! Oh no … they took one leg of the Detour, but they couldn’t find their clue – so now they are going back so they can try the other route. Oh no. Ugh.

Oh no … the first few teams are just barely catching the ferry! Gerard and Ken didn’t make it – poor guys! They missed it by 2 minutes.

Bus #2 has finally arrived in Cancun. The Twins are trying to get to the Pit Stop, and the other 4 teams on the bus are racing as hard as they can!

Oh no! T&T just capsized their waverunner! Twice! Meanwhile, Teri & Ian are looking frustrated … and they go down too!

Andre & Damon (Rescue Boys) are kickin’ ass! Oh my … T&T just capsized again as they got the clue!

Roadblock! One team member has to swim with the dolphins and search for a clue hidden under water! Arianne & Aaron got the clue first … heading to the Pit Stop!

Oh! The Twins are fighting! They don’t know how to get to the Pit Stop, so they are all worried. Damn … they still got there first! Aaron & Arianne are 2nd and they just called Doublemint an “Abercrombie & Finch campaign gone WRONG…” Heather & Ever are team #3. Michael & Kathy were right behind them and team #4. Flo & Zach are #5. Ken & Gerard are #6. John Vito & Jill are #7.

Poor T&T – they are doing the dolphin swim in the dark. Meanwhile the final teams are searching in the dark for the Pit Stop.

Andre & Damon are #8. Dennis & Andrew are #9.

Ayyyeeeeeee!!!! So close! T&T almost made it! DAMN!

Teri & Ian are #10 and T&T eliminated. Damn!

Teehee! He said “Phil, I didn’t even hear you, I’m not listening. Tell me at the next Pit Stop.” They were good sports about being eliminated. Now I wonder who it will be next week…

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I’m just glad that Dennis and Andrew are still in it! I had Andrew as a camper when I was a camp counselor in high school. He only came out last year, but I’ve suspected he was gay since he was like a sophomore in high school.

I do NOT like Aaron and Arianne…more specifically I don’t like her. I love it that the “Doublemints” keep on staying in the game. Heather & Eve crack me up, especially when they were on the donkey carts and they fell out of the cart!

I was going to hate the Doublemint Twinners, but now that everyone else hates them they’re the team I’m rooting for! Run away from the bandwagon, people!

Love your blog…

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