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Back from Austin, Texas where I was for Dane Sander’s Fast Track Photographer Roadshow Workshop (Use the code “Christine_workshop_new” if you would like $75 off a future workshop). I love to travel, I really do — but I’m so glad August is officially over tomorrow! 4 days in New Orleans, 4 days in Las Vegas and 4 days in Austin all in one month have made it a bit craaaaaaaazy to say the least! But what an incredible, amazing month it has been. I have met so many AWESOME people and I’m looking forward to the road ahead!

I’m busy catching up on email and phone calls (if I owe you one, I promise you’ll hear from me soon), but meanwhile I thought I would share a tip from my friend Jennifer, aka the ScriptyGoddess. She wrote a post recently about using Shortcodes to make line breaks in HTML in WordPress. Definitely something worth checking out if you’re in to messing with code behind the scenes and have been wanting a way to make the
tag work properly!

She also linked to these really helpful posts – Mastering WordPress Shortcodes and 10 Incredibly Cool WordPress Shortcodes — check them out!

Want something photography related? How about 50 Free Resources that will Improve Your Photography Skills – lots of good stuff there!

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