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Tweets for 2009-08-31…

  • @sjalexander it was The Hub in Austin. Quite delicious! in reply to sjalexander #
  • Never miss a good chance to shut up. (via @giovanni) #
  • @lizvang @photojunkie me too! Part of nudge to blog more on BPC! And I took food photos for a post for @coffeemike! Loved Julie & Julia! in reply to lizvang #
  • "Advertising is the tax you pay for being unremarkable." -Robert Stephens, Geek Squad founder, acquired by Best Buy in 2002 (via @tferriss) #
  • @jcogliandro do you think some of those would be remarkable without advertising? Nike is just a shoe. VS is just bras and underwear. in reply to jcogliandro #
  • @jcogliandro absolutely everything they do is advertising driven, even if sponsoring, etc. Quote applies much more to small businesses. in reply to jcogliandro #
  • @jcogliandro also all of those companies are 20+ years old and global brands. Not niche or regional. in reply to jcogliandro #
  • @craig563 I know, right? A little BAM! for my mind this morning! in reply to craig563 #
  • All my plans for today shifted when I woke up and realized the Depeche Mode concert is tonight! Yaaaaaaaayyyy! Last saw them in 1990! #
  • Whoo hoo! Missing everyone in Austin, but happy to be back home in Houston! So nice to see @coffeemike and Jason before concert tonight! #
  • @jcogliandro really? I find them to be a common commodity, rarely remarkable at all. Also very different than service industry. in reply to jcogliandro #
  • @saroy the more I think about, I have to agree. But not all are really ready to eat. You could but they would taste gross. in reply to saroy #
  • Listening to Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode with Brittany on our way to the concert! We are ready!!! #
  • – Yay!!! Utilikilt spotted in the wild! #
  • – It is @GoGoGumby's first concert! Peter Bjorn and John are opening. Depeche Mode soon! #
  • Depeche Mode!!!!! On stage!!! @ Woodlands Pavilion #
  • @TheHZA *waving at you from center lawn, slightly stage left!* Great show! in reply to TheHZA #
  • @DonnaVB you mean because I'm coming to Savannah, right? Wish you and @reginaholder were here with me & Brittany! in reply to DonnaVB #
  • That is my policy of truth @frankdelvalle @DonnaVB. Never again is what you swore the time before! (Live right now!) #DepecheMode in reply to frankdelvalle #
  • All I ever wanted, all I ever needed is here in my arms. Words are very unnecessary, they can only do harm. #DepecheMode #Live #Houston #

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