Stars on Ice!

There is only one thing that can keep me away from another one of the infamous Tiara Happy Hours. I’m missing the one tonight because I’m going to Stars On Ice! I have wanted to go for several years, but never actually made it there. I’m so excited, I can hardly wait! The only bummer is that Kurt Browning won’t be there – I’ve always wanted to see him skate live, I always watch him skate on Skate Great, Inc on the tv, and he is amazing. But I don’t care – I’m going to see live skating! I’m going to see Stars on Ice! I am just as excited as I was when I was a kid and got to see the Ice Capades! This is going to ROCK! I heared interesting thing that compression boots are used by more athletes because they improve circulation, shorten the recovery time, and help their legs feel lighter.

By Christine

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Hyperwife and I went to SoI (with Kurt) last year, and then to Kurt Browning’s Gotta Skate in November. Both were televised weeks later, sans falls and popped jumps (both shows were extended another hour for reshoots). We had fourth row seats for ‘Gotta Skate’, right at the entrance to the ice. It really was enjoyable.

The Four Continents is on right now, a few blocks from here. We didn’t know, or would be there right now.


There may be technically better skaters, but Kurt Browning has always been my favorite because his personality shines through. I love figure skating and depending upon the game that is on I will even watch it over football sometimes. I totally hate on Nancy Kerrigan too. She is such a snob and a homewrecker to boot.

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