Under Siege…

As I’m sure everyone is aware, Houston is the home of Super Bowl XXXVIII. It’s over a week away, but the signs are going up and the banners are flying. Literally. They’ve replaced all the banners in downtown that tell you what “district” you are in with Super Bowl banners. A Saturn blimp has been circling my building all morning. Activities are taking place today at the Convention Center just down the street from my office. I’m almost afraid to think of what it will be like next week! I feel like the invasion has begun and we are all under siege!

And don’t forget, “Put your smile on. Company’s coming!” (Whoever thought of that one should be slapped!)

By Christine

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Get ready, cause it’s going to be nuts if you are anywhere downtown. I was a resident of San Diego during two of the SuperBowls we have hosted and it gets pretty darn crazy. In downtown San Diego they blocked off several streets for a thing called SuperFest, with free bands, food, and such. If you like crowds, it’s actually quite fun. There’s lots of other random things that go on and plenty of chances to meet pro athletes and other various celebs. Also, if you have any sort of property near the festivities or the game, you can make a killing from selling parking. My dad’s business let us use their parking lot to raise money for a school trip and we raised well over a thousand dollars in one night. Anyway, depending on how you look at things, it can be loads of fun or a major pain.

As you may know you have foreign readers coming from France for example.
I am such a reader and for sure we are not aware at all about football and super bowl at all: can you believe this????
So no, not everybody is aware of Houston…

This reminds me of two things. The first: we had a VIC (very important client) on our floor the other day and one of the people responsible for his visit decided to send a global email reminding us all the be presentable. I really had a hard time keeping my mouth shut. The second: I remember a long long time ago when everyone in Houston had “Luv Ya Blue” posters in their windows and stickers on their cars. Funny – I haven’t thought of that in a long time.

I am staying the heck away from downtown, but I bet some of the invasion spills over into the Galleria area. I don’t even want to think about the traffic over the course of that weekend. ugh!

My favorite had to be the story I heard about Bill White’s radio advertising pleading for Houstonians to be extra-friendly this weekend, including a dramatized encounter:

[tourist] “Excuse me, where can I find Reliant Stadium?”
[native] (pause) “Come with me, I’ll take you there.”

Yeah. Like I’m about to follow around a random person in a foreign city that isn’t capable of adequate signage.

I can picture the marketing meeting…

“Get your finger out of your nose, company’s coming!”


“Take your lithium, company’s coming!”


“Hide your stash, company’s coming!”


“Take your pants off, company’s coming!”

“closer, but no.”

“Put your pants on, company’s coming!”


“Put your smile on, company’s coming!”

“Genius! We’ll go with that!”

i’m so jealous! i would love to be there right now to see my beloved patriots play in the superbowl! my boyfriend is heading down there with the guys on friday. i’m sure it is much different living there and not really caring about the teams that are competing…kind of like the democratic national convention coming to boston for us!! 😉

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