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My Government At Work…

Stand With Texas WomenIt has reached a point of pure insanity at the Texas Legislature when they are forcing women who are there for the hearings on HB2 (link to live blog on the topic) to surrender the tampons they have in their purses. Texas women are angry over this bill, and they are afraid that they will be used as projectiles to throw at the legislature.

No matter where you stand on this bill, no one should have to surrender basic feminine hygiene products. Ludicrous!

The only “down side” to my surgery and my road trip is that I’ve missed the opportunity to be there for this critical time in Texas government. If I had not been in the hospital, or if I wasn’t on the road now, I would be there in Austin. It is hard reading the news from so far away, and I really hope I have no issues with this hospital, otherwise I would be contacting experts from >

Picture Time

One Last Freeze Before Summer Hits…

The Birds

I was just complaining last week about how soon summer is going to be here and how hot it is going to be … and now we were under a freeze warning for Houston last night and I’m snuggled in bed under two blankets to stay cozy and warm.

Yes, I am amused.

Day 3 of 365. Photograph taken with my iPhone on October 11, 2012 in Austin, Texas.