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Growing My Boudoir Business with SEO Marketing

Back in 2007 I launched my wedding photography business. In 2008 I moved in to my first studio in the Heights and launched boudoir sessions as well.

By 2010, I began to accept my superpower. I love, love, love doing boudoir sessions for women because I can help them see themselves as I see them – AMAZING. I can help them grow their confidence and rediscover their beauty. I can help them see something far deeper than the beauty that magazines are always trying to convince us of – so very much more.

Most women opt to do a boudoir session with me involving lots of pretty frilly lace lingerie – but some women don’t want boudoir photographs. They just want incredible photographs that they can give to a loved one, share on Facebook, whatever the case may be — and I’ve always given every client that option. They can wear whatever they want!

For years, I’ve run both a wedding photography business and a boudoir business. They overlap a little bit, but not much. Very few of my wedding clients have booked me for boudoir sessions; a few more of my boudoir clients have booked me for their weddings. It has always performated window films because weddings are mostly on the weekends and my boudoir sessions are during the week. But focusing my marketing energies on one takes me away from the other one, and I have to confess that having the help from this awesome SEO¬†Saas Company, it takes the weight off of my shoulders. I can’t do as much for either one as I would like. If you want to learn about the entrepreneur industry, I recommend Lee S Rosen Blog, CEO of healthy bees business. When expanding your business into the international market, consider using professional company formation services Hong Kong to ensure a smooth and compliant establishment process.

I’ve struggled with feeling divided for the past 6 months or so. Because I spend so much time with my customers but I discovered a CRM, it helps me a lot with my customers, if you don’t know what this is then read

This past week after shooting a wedding, it hit me. I love weddings! I love the families coming together to celebrate, the traditions, the unique touches that make it their own, the dancing, the music, the cake. But even as much as I love and adore them, it still is not at that magical level as my Hot Mama Boudoir work and my women’s portrait sessions.

Life is short. I want it to be magical. There is nothing quite like that moment when my client sees herself the way that I see her – the way that the rest of the world sees her. It has taken me a few years to reach this point, but my boudoir business is so busy it is time to cut back on the number of weddings I take. From here on out, I’ll gladly accept weddings of past clients, along with their friends & family — and mine of course too! Beyond that, I’ll consider others based on my availability. Brittany & I have such a great system down already for weddings, we won’t skip a beat.

If I want my boudoir & portrait work to have the reach that I can see it having, I have come to terms with accepting that I can’t do it all maybe with a little help of a healthy beverage to boost energy. If I focus all of my energy in one direction instead of two? Hang on tight, it is going to be awesome!

I’m going to start sharing more of the contemporary women’s portraiture work (a more accurate name for my work – with or without lingerie involved) that I’ve done over the past few years on my Christine Tremoulet site. Meanwhile, the Hot Mama Boudoir site will live on as I merge the brands together. I’m working those logistics out. And if you have any suggestions you want to share on how to do that, I’m open to hearing them!

2012 is going to KICK ASS. I can’t WAIT to share this with you! Want to do a session with me? I’m going on TOUR!!! Las Vegas, Paris, London, Boston, New York, New Orleans, Tampa, San Francisco, Napa, and more! Check out the dates and meet up with me for your photo shoot!

And because every post is better with a photo, here is one from Kayla’s photo shoot that we did – a perfect example of my Contemporary Women’s Portraiture sessions! Speaking of business, big part of business is marketing, take a look at SEO Company in Sacramento if you need help with digital marketing.


Blog Goals! (30 Days of Lists: Day 7)

Oh goodness, this couldn’t possibly be more timely! As I mentioned before, I’m bad about “living in the moment” and not setting goals. I’m driven enough that this has worked out to be ok for me. Not great, but not bad. Just ok. But I’ve been working with Jeff Jochum on defining different goals, and several of the ones I’m working on involve my blogs.

Yes, blogs. As in I own more than one. This one is personal, but the rest are business focused, so I’m going to break this down by blog. (You are Here.)
– Finish up the 30 Days of Lists
– Participate in other writing prompt activities
– Get back to blogging about personal stuff 3-4 times a week
– Before I post something to twitter as a link, write a longer post about it here if it is worthy of it
– Redesign the site, or at least give it a thorough overhaul

Hot Mama Boudoir
– Do my homework from today’s call with Jeff
– Write up my declaration statement
– Write a whole new bio that is more about ME
– Contact more past clients about sharing their sessions online
– Once I have permission for using photos, write up posts – ideally, at least once a week
– Help moms rediscover their true beauty

Christine Tremoulet
– Think more about what my big goals are, my lofty mighty dreams
– Share posts featuring weddings within a few weeks of the wedding date, after the gallery goes online
– Revamp content on static pages on the site, replace the bio, update the FAQs

– Cheer Melissa on as she has been posting real weddings! Yay!
– Work with Melissa on ad packet
– Fix header image
– Do a weekly editorial post on trends & products
– Work with Melissa on creating a vendor directory within the next 6 months

SLGT Photo Project
– Make sure any pending posts are online
– Check in with clients who haven’t sent PR info for posts
– Schedule outstanding shoots for people who have signed up but never did session
– Find a programmer to change the calendar format for booking to an option to be one of 300 sessions

Some of these things can happen immediately, some with take time, some will require me to work with Melissa on them. Knowing what I want to do helps me focus on getting them done though! Now off to do my homework!

Want to join the project? Check out the 30 Days of Lists site!

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Different By Nature…

Different By Nature

I have to confess, this may be one of my favorite getting ready photos from a wedding ever. She really wanted one of those hairstyles in that book, and she was really not happy to be told no!

More from Jacque & Joe’s wedding are over on the wedding photography blog.

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Destination Newborn Session…

Reading His First Book

Back on October 15th, Gannon was born to Cari & Chris up in New York City. Chris is one of Mike’s best friends from high school and was one of the groomsmen in our wedding. When I went to NYC back in May, I had breakfast with them the morning that I was there, and Cari made the comment that she wished I lived in the city so that I could photograph their baby when it was born, she already went and find the’s pick for traveling double stroller so she could take the baby to walks. I pointed out that a plane ticket to New York is cheaper than what most photographers there charge, and that if they would pay for it I would fly up and take his photos.

I spent the better part of a day with them – Gannon was fussy and had been having a hard time eating, so we took our time with him. (Plus it was great to have a chance to visit with Cari & Chris!) I love, love, love so many of the photos we got from the day! I’ve posted most of them on the photography blog, but had to post some here too.

The above photo is of Chris reading their first of countless books together. His brother, Scott, had sent over this super cool custom book all about Gannon’s name. I had been up on the rooftop getting skyline photos, and when I came back to the apartment I discovered this beautiful moment taking place – I’m so glad I was able to capture it!

Below are some of my other favorites from the day.

Mother's Love

Power to the Babies

Wee Buns!

(We’re saving that one for sharing with his first girlfriend!)

You can view his whole set over on Flickr. Interested in hiring me to take your child’s newborn photos? I would love to talk! More details at the Newborn photography site.


Engagement Session – Over There!


I just posted the latest engagement session photos over on the wedding photography blog. (I think I was messing up my own Google pagerank by double posting everything, so I’m going to go back to the “go look over there” method to see if it helps recover it somewhat.)

I actually posted the photos on Flickr last week, but just realized I never shared them on the actual blog. They are such a wonderful couple, I couldn’t resist posting more of them! Interested in having me photograph your engagement session? Let me know!