Twitter on TV…

I remember writing a blog post years ago about how strange it was that none of the characters on Friends had a blog. I mean, the show was on until 2004. In 2000, it wouldn’t have made sense. But by 2003? Rachel should have been a mom blogger or something. It would have brought the show in to the times.

It fascinates me how long it takes for TV to catch up with reality. CSI just makes me laugh at times with their magical computers.

It was refreshing to see Twitter while watching Girls today. (Season 1, episode 3.) Hannah was posting to Twitter, and Twitter looked *like* Twitter. THAT is the big part. Not fake Twitter. Real Twitter. The only thing that would make it better is if the show actually had Hannah’s Twitter account as a live account. One where you could read the tweets. They have claimed the account, but it isn’t set up – it just links to the main Girls Twitter account.

I know this isn’t the first time Twitter has appeared on TV. I know other shows have talked about Facebook, blogging, Twitter, so on and so forth. Not all have cheesy computer effects. It just jumped out at me today as I was watching Girls. Props to HBO for getting it right and keeping it real. Thank you!