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I remember writing a blog post years ago about how strange it was that none of the characters on Friends had a blog. I mean, the show was on until 2004. In 2000, it wouldn’t have made sense. But by 2003? Rachel should have been a mom blogger or something. It would have brought the show in to the times.

It fascinates me how long it takes for TV to catch up with reality. CSI just makes me laugh at times with their magical computers.

It was refreshing to see Twitter while watching Girls today. (Season 1, episode 3.) Hannah was posting to Twitter, and Twitter looked *like* Twitter. THAT is the big part. Not fake Twitter. Real Twitter. The only thing that would make it better is if the show actually had Hannah’s Twitter account as a live account. One where you could read the tweets. They have claimed the account, but it isn’t set up – it just links to the main Girls Twitter account.

I know this isn’t the first time Twitter has appeared on TV. I know other shows have talked about Facebook, blogging, Twitter, so on and so forth. Not all have cheesy computer effects. It just jumped out at me today as I was watching Girls. Props to HBO for getting it right and keeping it real. Thank you!

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“We’re just doing a few lines of Twitter!”

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Tweets for 2009-09-21…

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Tweets for 2009-09-20…

  • Dirty Dancing and Roadhouse double feature at the Silverado theater this afternoon! Awww… Patrick Swayze. Nobody puts Baby in the corner! #
  • @gafl delete the 1:1 previews, you can then render minimal ones – much smaller. Less space. I thought previews stored w/ catalog though. in reply to gafl #
  • When I first saw Dirty Dancing in the 80s I had no idea that Swayze was a trained dancer, I had no idea you had to take dance classes for boys in order to dance like that. Makes the movie even better knowing that! #
  • RT @zappos: "The real measure of your wealth is how much you'd be worth if you lost all your money." -Unknown (via @greenorchid) #
  • @daimo42 that is a bit heavy at the upsell attempts. Somehow ironic considering your job. 😉 We need to talk soon, by the way. in reply to daimo42 #
  • Forgot to mention it is a Patrick Swayze double feature at the movies. Roadhouse just started! I think it his only movie I've never seen. #
  • Roadhouse is full of a million examples of WTF??? were we thinking in the 90s – both fashion and hair. Ouch. So very bad! #
  • @regalaffair Yes, yes, I had somehow managed to miss the brilliance that is Roadhouse before. @DayToRemember I actually commented on both! in reply to regalaffair #
  • Anyone know how I can copy my LR presets from my MBP so I can put them on the iMac? Can't find them on the hard drive. Ugh. Heeeeelp… #
  • @shutterblog OMG. That is too funny! Are you going to stealth photograph their ice cream date? We need photos! in reply to shutterblog #
  • Props to @clickwindrepeat – LR presets found! User –Library > Application Support > Adobe > Lightroom > Develop Presets > (Presets HERE.) #
  • I think I'm in heaven. @bmbosse is now doing proofing for me. *swoon* My life just got SO much easier. So, so, so much easier. #
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Tweets for 2009-09-19…

  • Only 8 hours left on the AWESOME Canvas Print Sale!!! Time for a holiday gift! Book a session & pre-purchase! #
  • @adamnyholt What is really interesting is to see where the drop is in car crash deaths & how it corresponds to seat belt requirement laws. in reply to adamnyholt #
  • Awesome boudoir session with Mrs D, emails sent about the special canvas sale. Now it is time to get my KNIT on! Yaaaaayyyyy!!! #
  • @kenkienow Bwahahaha! Hey, you said you wanted one. I'm happy to help. I'm sure your family would LOVE a 60×90 canvas of you on the wall! in reply to kenkienow #
  • @nadnuk @jenXer can you develop a sudden bug related to fiber and leave work to join me? Because the more the merrier! Knit & crochet on! #