The Amazing Race

TAR4, After All…

Ok, I lied. I have things to say about TAR4, so I’m putting it in the extended entries so there aren’t any spoilers for anyone. Keep on reading!

:: I would go snow rafting any day. That looks like a lot of fun!

:: The virgins are talking again about being virgins. Maybe the producers made a big deal of it because they did? They keep talking about how being virgins for 12 years proves their endurance. Uh, ok. Doesn’t it just prove your will power? Or your beliefs?

:: Venice is so beautiful. Have you seen my photos of it over in Pixelog?

:: One of my co-workers said today that he hopes the football wives get tossed. I’m still hoping the bimbos get tossed, but I suspect it might be the air traffic controllers. They’re already talking about how the one guy’s knee still hurts.

:: Kelly & Jon got dropped off at the top of the mountain, so they slid down on their butts! Aaaaaaaaaa!

:: Seems the directionally challenged should try taking a cab instead of walking to the mountain. Reichen and Chip were smart – that’s what they did.

:: Everyone’s heading to the same train station. Silly people! Go to the other one! Trains … the great equalizer in TAR. Ooooh, there is going to be a showdown! Reichen and Chip get to the train station, and they point out that in the clue it doesn’t say anything about “First come, first serve.” They were screwed out of their place in the line in LA by “Geezer and Wheezer” (the father and son team) when they bought tickets for the air traffic controllers, so now they have moved up to the doors and are holding the door handles, claiming their spot to get in before several other teams that were at the station first! SHOWDOWN! The football wives were their moles even – they told Reichen and Chris that the other teams are planning to eliminate them. This is getting juicy!

:: Oh! Now all of the teams that were at the train station are taking a bus to the other train station in Alpi! Now there are just two teams left behind – Kelly and John and the bimbos. The other 9 teams are heading to the other station with the earlier train.

:: Scandal! Intrigue! Cindy is complaining because Russell (who didn’t travel all this way for sex) is making plans with other teams and just leaving her sitting there.

:: FIGHT! Cindy is telling Russell to stop talking down to her. Go Cindy!

:: Is that bridge in Venice the “Bridge of Sighs”?

:: Cracking up that the detour is traveling around Venice – I tried to walk from one part of Venice to another and it was horrid! Everywhere you look is another square with a name that is just a letter different! But the people in the boats can’t ask for directions and have to guide the gondalas there with just a map – meanwhile, the people on foot (Millie and Chuck, the virgins) can ask for directions.

:: Traffic jam of gondalas! They went down a canal that was too skinny – oops! Millie and Chuck got help – someone that walked them to the route marker. Wait … didn’t Millie and Chuck have an alliance with Amanda and Chris? So, why are they already going separate paths? Yes, yes, alliances are fickle things!

:: Bimbos are fighting while still on their train too because Bimbo 2 is always really slow.

:: Steve and Dave got the Fast Forward.

:: Steve and Josh go sightseeing instead of staying in line, along with Jon and Al – considering they are probably all going in when it’s 5:00 and the place opens, it’s probably ok. Now it’s time for the Road Block!

:: Oh. Just 4 people get to go in at a time. Ugh. And if you give someone the mask photo and they don’t really match the mask, then you’re screwed – they will take your photo and you have to go back to the end of the line and try again. If you’re right – you get your clue so you can go to the pit stop.

:: No! No! No! The bimbos are team 4 at the pit stop, and meanwhile the potty mouth kids are still back at the road block after Chris was denied for a second time! No! *bleep!*

:: Russell and Cindy should have been near the lead, instead they are lost in the the square in Venice. If football wife doesn’t hurry up and get out of the Road Block, they are going to be eliminated tonight! Hurry up! Hurry up!

:: Oh! It’s going to be a race to the finish! Potty mouths and football wives! Go! Go!

:: DAMN! The potty mouths are eliminated! And I was *so* counting on them for the amusement factor! Football wives made it in just under the wire. It cracks me up with Phil tries to psych them out though – he looks all serious and then tells them that they are second to last and therefore not eliminated. Amuses me every time.

:: Bye-bye Chris and Amanda! I thought for sure you would be around longer!

By Christine

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8 replies on “TAR4, After All…”

Ooooh, I can’t stand the football wives! If you want to be such independent women, etc, etc, etc…than stop talking about your husbands, you know?

And am I horrible for liking the father and son team?

i’m so glad to see there are others who are watching AR4 too! i immediately liked Chris last week when he sarcastically yelled to Amanda “hurry up Flo!” i’m sorry to see them go so early.

at this point i’m looking to see eliminated, the Bimbo’s (annoying!), the football wives (stuck up – i don’t care about your husbands, show us what YOU’VE got!), and Reichen and Chip (too much ‘tude – we don’t care about your orientation – get over it, we have).

i’m cheering for the circus clowns!

Oh how I wish your “predictions” for the losers had been right … I could deal without the football wives, the bimbos, or the air traffic controllers. I really liked Amanda and Chris!! :*(

I thought that the “party” at the Pallazzo da Mosto was just plain creepy. It was like someting out of Eyes Wide Shut… but without the sex and nudity. And they shot it with weird angles and lenses and odd music and it was lit weird… just creepy. I had the Bimbos picked to go in my pool. Will definately miss Amanda’s swearing! And I don’t like the way Reichen & Chip are throwing their weight around… but it looks like Millie takes out Chip next week, bloody nose and all!

Even though in England I’ve only ever been able to see one episode of this show from the second series because the scheduled program was cancelled I thought it looked fun. It’s greatly enjoyable reading your narrations of this show.

The clowns rule. They need to do some more tricks, like balancing thier airline tickets on thier noses or walking on thier hands or something. Hope they win it all. They are not the fastest team, but they seem to not make mistakes.

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