The Amazing Race

Oh… Scary…

I am watching this week’s episode of TAR4 right now. I’m too tired to blog the episode this week – maybe later this weekend – but I was cracking up as I watched the opening sequence and had to share the moment.

The Amazing Race (“TAR”) always starts with a “in our last episode” segment. Then they show all of the teams that are in the race this season. As they finish showing the last team, they show a tiger from one of the earlier seasons. It’s roaring, throwing it’s paw out towards the camera. Oh… Scary! Right? Wrong. Those tigers were about the lamest things I think they have ever done on TAR. That split second of tiger footage was as ferocious as they got.

Hm. Maybe that just amuses me. Well, this is what happens when I work a 10 hour day… it’s all about the little things when I’m punchy and slap-happy!

I listened closely … did you hear it? Phil said, “Which team will be eliminated … TONIGHT.” Yes! I’m hoping that the bimbo chicks get tossed, but I’m sure I won’t be so lucky!

By Christine

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