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The Amazing Race … with Meryl!

Meryl & I joined together on IM to watch The Amazing Race. This was it, the episode that knocked the 4th place team out of the running and left us with the final 3 for the season finale next week. You can follow along and read what we had to say! And leave your feedback too, ok? Who do you think will win TAR2?

WARNING: Spoilers ahead. Don’t read it if you don’t want to know what happened on TAR2!

I was late getting home, so I tuned in about 8 minutes late. I didn’t miss that much though – the teams had received their first clues and they were off in small campers for a 500 mile trip, across a ferry to a park.

Of course when I tuned in, Tara & Wil were arguing. What’s new? As soon as my IM software was launched, the commentary began…

Christine: “We had a little bit of a meltdown this morning.” NO WIL! You’re an ASS!!!
Christine: Let’s just say that when Tara said “we have spent so much time together he’s driving me crazy” you can TELL they *so* should not be together.
Meryl: Yeah
Christine: oops! Boston Boys almost rear ended the other people!
Christine: Ok, the Texans are creepin’ me out. There are two beds in that camper thing. What are they doing in the same bed?
Christine: Come on ChaChas! Idiots … stopping to make a phone call!
Meryl: They’re so relaxed.
Christine: oh good, FIGHT! Wil is arguing with the Boston Boys because one cut the other off in the line for the ferry.
Christine: So they ask the ferry crew why Team Smiley got the special pass to get off they ferry first and they were told that they are a “frequent traveller”. Too funny! “But they’re from America!”
Christine: Wil tells the ferry crew “we’re with them. We need to be all together.” ROFL
Christine: ChaChas didn’t make the boat! OH NO. DAMN. suXor.
Meryl: Fuxor
Christine: If they hadn’t stopped to make that call to get information on the ferry… bummer. SOOOOOO close. I’m *SO* bummed that they didn’t make the boat.
Meryl: I know… last chance.
Christine: Wil is such an ass. He puts Tara down ALL the time. I’m glad she hangs out with Alex.
Meryl: I dont know how she puts up with it.
Christine: New Zealand is beautiful.
Christine: OMG. Tara told Wil that the battery was dead before they went to get off the ferry. I thought their battery was really dead. Psych!
Meryl: Ha No kiddin!
Christine: HA! The Boston Boys & Team Skanky got in front of Team Smiley. Too funny.
Christine: Nice pink shirt, Oswald!
Meryl: Yeah
Christine: that’s a LOT of driving.
Meryl: Sheesh! Blake said “I got tara, I got sunshine”?
Christine: You caught that at the beginning they said “which team will be eliminated tonight?” Someone is going down.
Meryl: Yep
Christine: OH! COOL! ChaChas will catch up since the park they were going to was CLOSED!
Meryl: Fingers crossed
Christine: smart of Team Smiley to go to the internet place to get information.
Meryl: Definitely
Christine: “don’t touch me” – oh yeah Tara, there’s the love for Wil.
Meryl: Oh that’s not normal???
Meryl: Psych!
Christine: Yeah! Go ChaChas! They are so THERE! All even. Sweet.
Meryl: That’s the cool thing about this game… no one can get a huge lead and lead it all.

So they go in to the park, following in the running warrior. Then there is a cool tribal dance, they rub noses with the warrior guy, and they get their clues.
Christine: Wouldn’t it be funny if they were all in the wrong place?
Christine: there wasn’t a flag or anything.
Meryl: Of course! Like the golf course in the last episode. That was funny.
Christine: Go! Go! Go!
Meryl: Uh oh. Tara & Wil have a Fast Forward.
Christine: Great, now they can argue again.
Christine: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee! Volcano RUN! That sounds really dangerous. (They have to run down the side of a volcano with loose rocks to get the Fast Forward out of the pit. Then they have to climb back out.)
Meryl: :-O
Christine: Oh no, now everyone’s lost. (Driving in New Zealand.) Great.
Christine: They got the clue and are heading to the pit stop. Tara says, “Wil’s driving, never a good sign.”
Meryl: Been to New Zealand?
Christine: Nope – have you? It looks gorgeous.
Meryl: Havnet been outside this country. Except mexico. Whoop.
Christine: I’ve only been to Europe. Germany, Italy, France, and through Switzerland a bunch of times.
Meryl: Hawaii, Cancun, Caymans
Meryl: That’s awesome
Meryl: I am supposed to go to Israel in January… but I dunno.
Christine: I’ve been to Playa del Carmen – south of Cancun.
Meryl: We went to Tulum
Christine: Israel would be amazing.
Meryl: Yep.
Christine: I’m all about History – and it’s there. But scary with the conflicts going on in that region.
Christine: This TAR they spent a lot less time in Europe.
Meryl: Exactly. I dont want to put my life at risk with two kids. Understandable
Christine: But just think of the chance… My friend Sandi went and said it was INCREDIBLE.
Meryl: Some people tell me not to go. Some people make me go.
Christine: crap – Team Skanky got the Fast Forward.
Meryl: It’s either now or last game.
Christine: Yep… But it’s never over until it’s over though …
Meryl: True
Christine: “He’s been nicer to me on this race then he’s ever been…” WTF? WHY did you marry HIM???
Meryl: I can’t imagine how it’s been before the trip!
Christine: I know, it was the ugly hat, wasn’t it?
Meryl: Butt ugly

So they are at “The Lost World” and they have to choose if they will repel down in to the cavern or if they will climb a ladder down.
Christine: would you drop or climb?
Meryl: Climb, I think. You?
Christine: I wonder if the Cha Chas will climb. They always do whatever no one else does.
Christine: I would drop, even though it would TERRIFY me.
Meryl: I dropped in Colorado at camp… MUCH shorter and it took a long time for me to move.
Christine: Ieeee! (Blake & Tara drop first. Then the Cha Chas. Then the Boston Boys.)
Christine: Alex says, “We’re going to find Jesus rock and then get the hell outta here…” Something is just WRONG with that statement. 😉
Meryl: that was funny.
Christine: I just love Danny & Oswald.
Meryl: I like ’em more and more. Dont know why I didn just root for them sooner. Maybe I didnt think they would be able to make it this far
Christine: I didn’t like them at first. But that shopping trip just cracked me up. I guess I picked them up when the twins were knocked out.
Meryl: I sohuld have, too
Christine: Wow, HUGE lead for Tara & Wil. (They reached the pit stop.)
Meryl: Ptui
Christine: Them on vacation in Las Cabos is funny. (They won a trip for after the race because they were in first place.)
Meryl: More time together. Oh boy!
Christine: I know. Too funny.
Christine: “Time for me to move on.” Smart choice Wil.
Meryl: A miracle
Christine: They said a decision would be made by Tara & Wil. It’s so obvious they have to be through.

Wil then goes on to say how he feels like a butterfly that just came out of his coccoon. He feels finally free, strong enough to move on. It’s about time he got a life.

Christine: DAMN. Boston Boys are lost AGAIN. (they are probably my #2 team.)
Meryl: Figures.
Christine: Team Cha Cha said “we came to enjoy the journey” that’s the best attitude.
Meryl: That’s hard to do in a competitive environment

Now they are riding four-wheelers through the woods for the Detour, heading to the beach where they will pick up their next clue.
Meryl: Always wanted to ride one of those. But I’ve heard they are very dangeous
Christine: Paige is doing it for Team Smiley.
Christine: I hated it. Scared the crap out of me. I wasn’t driving though.
Meryl: Really? Oh
Meryl: Pink Cha is doing it! (Oswald. He’s wearing a pink shirt with words on it in silver glitter. Very cute. *wink*)
Christine: Go Pinky!
Meryl: Whoops! Pink went the wrong way.
Christine: Paige is haulin’ ass!
Christine: Almost there… almost there…
Christine: It’s a SOLID RACE!!! (Everyone has their clues. Three in a row.)
Meryl: Man. Wish Tara and Wil went bye bye
Meryl: Pinky is behind. (They were in third place, but as they left the Lost World Chris & Alex passed them up.)
Christine: I know, I’d rather have these 3 teams. (Team Smiley, Boston Boys & the Cha Chas.)
Christine: RUN! RUN! Go pinky!
Meryl: Cha chas are taking their time
Christine: damn them!
Christine: Team Smiley in second place. He better not start gushing about how much he loves her…
Christine: GO! GO!
Christine: RUN!
Christine: I’m going to cry. DAMN.
Meryl: Man, they all finished BACKWARDS!
Christine: I was so loving the chachas. SO close, but they’re eliminated.
Meryl: That is my point… shoulda been cha chas, boston, texas, and divorcees
Christine: ROFL!!! Oswald (Pinky of the Cha Chas) said, “Look at me. I would never ruin a glitter shirt.”
Meryl: So adorable. That was cute.

The Cha Chas ended it with a really touching speech and said how they have learned to live for the moment, Live life and appreciate who is around you, the people that matter to you. They truly enjoyed the moment. I was hoping they would win, but somehow I knew it wouldn’t happen.

Christine: so, who do you think will win?
Meryl: Oooooh. That is tough!
Christine: I think … team smiley.
Christine: Or boston boys.
Meryl: That’s what I am thinking… Smiley had fewer mistakes.
Christine: Or tara & wil. *snort*
Christine: teehee
Meryl: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Christine: tara & wil have a huge lead, BUT you know they will fly somewhere. (Flying is the great equalizer.)
Meryl: Of course
Christine: team smiley has been the “quiet” team.
Christine: Last year the quiet team won.
Meryl: Good point. I thought Boston was quiet, too. Never really noticed them until later.
Christine: yeah, that’s true.
Christine: next week is the finale. TWO hours long. Bet they are airing 2 back to back again.

So? Who do YOU think will win?

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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“Who do you think will win?” — The Smileys. Damn the Cha-Chas for not busting butt this round. If the next round is a metropolitan area they could have pulled it out one last time! They just couldn’t get ahead in the wilderness areas. 🙁

Question… Did she ever get that shoulder rub? :p blech. If it wasn’t for all the incestuous undertones I’d actually like the Smileys (they are still preferable to Tara & Will.)

Team Cha-Cha was my favorite (it was Gary and Dave until the shopping trip- I think because we root for the underdogs) so I hated to see them go. Now I want Team Smiley to win. I hate Tara and Wil. If they win it- UGH!

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