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Who Needs Sleep?

Now that I’ve seen it on TV three times in one night, something has to be said about this new Coors commercial. The song in the background? “Who needs sleep? Well, you’re never gonna get it. Who needs sleep? Tell me what’s that for?” Meanwhile, people are dancing at a club. Then they show a clock – 12:31am, 1:23 am, 2:13am. “Are you up for it?” in large text across the screen, then the album that the DJ is spinning has a label that reads, “Who needs sleep?” More partying, more drinking, beer bottles everywhere – 3:01am. So, let’s see … drink beer all night long. You can dance. You can party. Look at what a great time you’ll have! Who needs sleep! … Did I get it right?

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a drink every once in awhile. But this commercial really bothers me. I think I first noticed it during TAR2 – what if my kid was watching with me? What does that commercial tell him? And even as adults, what is it telling us?

By Christine

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8 replies on “Who Needs Sleep?”

hate to say it, but it’s one of many. and when you start noticing them, you’ll start noticing them more. Children do see them and it’s normal, no big deal. 🙁

haven’t seen the commercial, but I like the song; its track 10 on Barenaked Ladies’ Stunt album 🙂 One of those catchy ones that me and my sister sing and the top of our lungs :giggle:

damn, Christine, I saw that same commercial about a billion times last night, and i was thinking the exact same thing (for the record, i was NOT watching TAR2). not only does it bother me that people think that you don’t need sleep (i looooooove sleep), but coors tastes like piss water. and all, that’s right, ALL coors and coors light commercials suck. they’re all so damned lame, i swear! bud and miller have such better ad companies or something…

I ran out and bought a case of Coors after I saw that commercial! (not really) But I do have a more extreme case: There was a Budweiser billboard on the side of the 5 freeway near the City of Commerce (forgive me if you have no idea where this is) that had a picture of beer, and picture os girls at a bar, then there are arrows drawn to the beer and the girls that says “drink this” (points to beer) “get these” (points to girls). I think it lasted about 2 weeks like that before the arrows and text and arrows were gone. Great message, eh? BTW, I didn’t know that was BNL! They rock even more!

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