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Grandpa & Me, Sykeston, ND July 8, 2001
Grandpa & Me, Sykeston, ND – July 8, 2001

Just as I was posting my last entry, my mom called. Sobbing & talking. I could not understand her at first (if I didn’t have caller ID I might not have even known who it was.) I asked what was wrong. She paused, took a breath, and repeated herself. My grandfather died. I am going through a zillion emotions right now, all of which seem to randomly prompt tears. My Aunt Carol had been trying to call him (she lives in Minneapolis) but wasn’t able to reach him. She then called her cousin who lives there in town – and Dennis & Diane went over and found him. I didn’t realize it, but my Mom said it has been very hot there (nearly 100) and he had no AC in the house. I don’t know if that played a role in his death, and even if it did it was because he ws weak. I am sad, but very thankful that I got to spend time with him just a month ago. He was 88, and had lived a very rich full life. I could tell when we were there that he was tired… I said at the time that it might be the last time I would see him. I knew, and I think he did too. He was more sentimental then he is known to be. He was so concerned about bringing my Grandmother home (she is in a nursing home with Alzheimers) because she hadn’t been there in 14 months – so we did it, my dad and uncles helped out as she is now in a wheelchair. He told me one night that if I wanted anything in the house to “just ask” – I brought home the rosary that used to hang on their bedroom wall (I remember it always hanging there…) a small cross, a statue of Mary, and a statue of Jesus. My grandparents faith was so evident to me, those were the things that mattered to me. I am wondering how this will effect my Grandma, I think routine is probably important to her (even with alzheimers) and … well, he isn’t coming back to see her any more. Argh. I don’t know… Once again, I am left wishing that I lived up north, closer to family – but growing up I normally saw them at least once a year. I am thankful for that, I am thankful for him, I am thankful for the many blessings that they had in their life. I am sad … but it was time. I know he is in a better place.

I will miss him.

I put together a page of various photos from this summer, along with rambling commentary. Sort of a photo journal. It may take a while to load, and later I will be putting up the “scrapbook” from my vacation as promised, but I wanted to do this tonight. I had to do this tonight.

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