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They Say It Gives You Good Body…

They say that beer gives you good body, but I always thought they meant your hair. You know, bouncy, beautiful, full of body hair. Now There’s Beer to Wash Away Your Troubles and you can find out what it does to your body too! A German brewery has developed a brew you can wash with. “The beer cloaks bathers in a delicate aroma of malt.” Mmmm… just what I’ve always wanted! [via VieuxBandit]

By Christine

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I LOVED “Body on Tap” Shampoo and have been
trying to find it to buy it, but no luck. It gave my
hair the BEST BODY EVER.


Guess what – woe is me!!! Just received 4 bottles of Body on Tap from and it has a new fragrance and does not smell anything like the real thing – in fact I don’t really like the smell. I am so dissapointed. It does not mention “brewed with real beer” on the packaging.

body on tap was incredible i used it all the time i really dont think you will be able to get the original so be careful when these phony remakes smell nothing like ,and work nothing like the original .I hate it when they say new formula and its horrible

Wow! This is such a surprise for me. A good friend of mine and I had a conversation awhile ago about things we miss from our childhoods. One of those things was…yep you guessed it…Body On Tap shampoo. We also think it smelled great and made our hair so incredibly soft and shiny. Both of us would be interested in buying cases of the sweet smelling shampoo and conditioner so if anyone knows of where we can purchase it please, for the love of good hair let us know! We are in Canada. We also think the original product should be reintroduced into the U.S. and Canada. It would literally fly off the shelves. Good luck to all you fellow Body On Tap lovers. šŸ™‚

man every one is trippin i also love the body on tap shampoo. my mom used to buy it when i was little and she only bought it for her so one day i was taking a bath and came acros the brown bottle and smelled it and i loved it and i was also happy cuz i thought it was beer and and i told all my friends that i washed my hair with beer shampoo,, also have you tryed gee your hair smell terrfic see you my 70’s family

Ugh! Bad news! The new formula of Body On Tap shampoo also has a new scent! I just received my three bottles from Canada and the seller told me that he cannot get the old formula anymore. Does anyone know who’s got the old formula? Thanks.

Good news! Jenni in S. Africa has the “beer enriched” (original smelling) Body On Tap shampoo and conditioner. She sells by the case (12 bottles) and you may mix and match. $42 USD for 12 bottles! S&H to California is $69 USD. Contact Jenni at:

IS there a place to get “gee your hair smells terrific, body on tap (original) AND any way at ALL to get Tame creme rinse? I miss those memories, and the stuff WORKED too

I am interested in finding Body On Tap, Tame, Small Miracle and especially Silkience. One other that I don’t see mentioned is Breck Shampoo and Conditioner. My mother used to swear by Breck when I was a kid. In my opinion, the Outrageous Conditioner smells much like Silkience but definately not as good. I think that the manufacturers should put these and any other products that have been taken off the shelves, back on the shelves. At least try selling them again every once in a while to see if there is a market for them. Different generations may like them. I know I did and I found that the products I mentioned did work better than most of the ones today.

This is so funny, I sumbled across this site by accident while searching for BODY ON TAP. My twin sister and I are desperately searching for it. My mom is too. We’ve decided if we find it we’ll make her suffer a while without it. She use to use it when we were kids but never let us use it because she couldn’t afford it for 3 girls. What a memory. I wish they’d bring it back. If anyone knows of a place please let us know. Thanks desperate twins and their mom!!

I’ve come across the new Breck shampoo, that was rereleased in 2002, all over the internet. Both for Normal hair and Dry hair, but I cannot find any conditioner or cream rinse to go with it. I’m hoping I find it eventually — probably on ebay at some point.

To the person who said Farrah Fawcett was the best smelling shampoo….. SO TRUE!!!!!! I’ve yet ti find one better! If anyone knows where to possibly get any PLEASE contact me!!!!!!

Can anyone please tell me if you can get silkience shampoo and conditioner…I loved that so much as a teenager and young adult,,and still remember that wonderful fragrant smell,,it was the best…I’m really looking to buy this buy the case, if anyone can help me….

i would appreciate it if someone could tell me, where I can find silkience shampoo and conditioner,,i loved and miss that stuff it was the best, and I’m looking to find it by the case…if anyone knows please email me to let me know…..thanks so much…

BRANDON FROM MAY 2005– PLEASE email me about the Farrah Fawcett shampoo; besides Body on Tap, and Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific- that was one of my favorite and I’d love to have them all now! Thanks-

BRANDON- can’t figure out how to contact via email other than posting my email- how about put the info here for all of us about the Farrah Fawcett shampoo- thanks again!

Hi, Fellow Body on Tap Shampoo lovers…. Ya know, talk about Aroma Theropy, I have been searching for 10 years, I just E-mailed the Oprah Winfrey Show in hopes they can be of some assistance, Perhaps we can all do the same!

The Farrah Fawcett shampoo I loved was made by Fabrege- they went bankrupt in the 80’s I believe… so looks like we won’t get that one back! I have ordered Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific on Ebay and it is as wonderful as I remember. Is it just me, or does anyone else remember Body on Tap smelling like the old-fashioned red cherry “suckers” that were on a loop of twisted paper, rather than a stick?? A cherry sucker is what I ALWAYS think of when I think of BOT!!!

I was gonna order from the South Africa place to get Body on Tap for my mom. Since it’s not the original, this site just saved me some $$. Thanx. Also, I just recieved confirmation of order for Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific shampoo. It has it’s own site and the orders are shipped from Phillipines so it will take about 6 weeks for me to get it. I can’t wait.

I’m just trying to find a decent picture of an original body on tap bottle. Can’t find one anywhere. Anyone know where I can find one?

Wow, what a trip down memory lane! I stumbled across this site while searching for another discontinued fave of mine called Textra, from the late 80’s. Body on Tap was a favorite from when I was a kid, as well as Lemon Up shampoo. Anyone remember Textra? I see it listed a few places when I google it, but no luck finding it for sale….

I too ordered Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific from the Philippines. It has been 4 months and despite receiving a confirmation I never got my order! The website I ordered from doesn’t reply back to me now and I read on another website that this company doesn’t even ship to the US.
What a BUMMER!
Please let me know if you ever got your order…Thanks!

This has been such an interesting site – although I don’t remember ever using Body On Tap shampoo in my 49 years, I did use alot of Tame creme rinse, and have an interesting story to share with you. When I was ten my mom and I were in the store buying Tame creme rinse. Taped to the sides of the bottles were these psychadelic-colored wide tooth combs, the “Tangle Tamer” comb, as a special promotion. They were a heavy plastic comb that came in either orange and yellow swirled or green and blue swirled. Well, I still to this day am the proud, albeit obscure, owner of the original orange and yellow “Tangle Tamer” comb from Tame! I only came upon this website because I wanted to look up the comb to see if I could find anything about it or Tame. Nothing on ebay. Wonder if my little comb is worth anything? It still looks like new and has never chipped, faded or broke. I love it! But if anyone is interested, I might part with it for a good price . . . can’t help anyone with finding Tame or Body on Tap. I used to use Long N’ Silky in the 70’s – anyone remember that? It was really nice. I also used to love that deep blue Halo shampoo; it smelled really good. God bless!

I ordered “gee your hair smells terrific” shampoo from the Philipines, the bottles are tiny and one of them was open and spilled all over the inside of the box. They never replied to my emails either.


Thank you for your inquiry regarding the availability of Herbal EssenceĀ® Normal Shampoo.

We have stopped manufacturing this product. Sometimes, when a product does not sell as well as we expect it to and the consumer interest in it declines, it is discontinued. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough other consumers who shared your enthusiasm for it.

We’re sorry, but because this product was discontinued some time ago, there are no remaining units available for sale direct from our company. We will be sure to pass your continued interest in this product on to our Brand Personnel.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience you have been caused. We value you as a loyal customer and appreciate you taking the time to contact us.

The Consumer Affairs Team

Hello everyone! I have no words to express how shocked I am….it is years…literally 20 years that I am searching for Body On Tap! I can’t believe some of the entries listed above regarding its sale in South Africa…since I just came back from there (Honeymoon). Had I known……!!!!!!!

So, what is it? The South Afircan Site or the Canadian to buy off of?



where can I purchase boby on tap it’s the only shampoo I have ever liked.
I had more compliments on my hair back then every body said how shiny it was now that I’m ( a little older) I need that shine back again. HELP!!!!!!!!

O my Gosh,i can’t think of the reason I thought of body on tap shampoo.I loved the way it worked on my hair.Got many compliments on it and also on gee your hair smells terrific.There is one more I remember,Agree shampoo.I have seen this and it doesn’t seem to work or smell as good as it used to.

I remember my mother buying Body on Tap shampoo at Kmart when I was little. I loved it, the smell and the way it made my hair feel. I wish that it would be sold in stores again in Canada. I’m certain that there would be not only the 70’s generation, but a whole new generation, who would certainly be happy and appreciate Body on Tap Shampoo. I’ll definately be contacting a Proctor & Gamble about it!! Hope to see it on shelves soon! Cheers to all past Body on Tap users!

My son (16 yrs old) and I were discussing “my generation” differences from my teens to today. During this fun, light-hearted discussion I said “and you missed out on body on tap” beer shampoo. He laughed and thought I was nuts as I described this shampoo. So…remembering those years ago and the comments that I got on my hair prompted me to look. I ,too, am amazed at how many posts are here. We must continue to prompt P&G to remarket this product. I truly doubt today’s teens will remember a particular shampoo or fragrance when they are in their 40’s. Let’s work together to give them something simple like shampoo to reminisce about.


Hi! I am glad to know I am not the only one out there trying to find great shampoos the bring back wonderful memories…Gee your hair smells teriffic and body on tap!

If I have any luck finding these items other than ebay I will let everyone know…I am afraid to purchase the body on tap from in fear it will be the new formula I’ve read about here on the board. Has anyone ordered it recently?
Also, does any one know why jergens discontinued “Gee your hair smells terrific” ?

I ordered the shampoo from the geeyourhairsmellsterrific website, yes from the Phillippines. It came as promised within 10 days, packed well etc.. however folks it is not the same formula. Do not waste your money!!!

i am almost sure body on tap was originally made by bristol myers and i first saw it in 1978 and last used it in 1985.
these shamppos now stink and are marketed to appeal to asian women and others who like smells of fruits and foods. body on tap did not smell like beer to me and i certianly drank enough beer in 1985 while in the navy but it had an incredible smell that i never smelled again. also in 1980 andrew jergens made a shampoo called “spring feeling” which had springwater in it and it was off the shelves by 1982

i i never knew white rain was an old shampoo when i first used it in 1984 and it too had an incredible smell. all these shampoos stink now lbut like music they can bring back memories.

I Think Seattle Guy Is Right About “Body On Tap” Shampoo Being Made By Bristol-Myers (Later, Bristol-Myers Squibb) However, Bristol-Myers Squibb Did Own Clairol In The 70’s (Sold To Proctor & Gamble In The 90’s) However, It Was One Of The Company’s Personal Care Products At The Time. Among Toothpastes, Vitamins, Mouthwash And Deodorants(The Presonal Care Lines Were Sold-Out To Various Other Companies) As For “White Rain” It was Sold By The Gillette Co. To Diamond Brands Along With “TONIĀ®” Home Permanents. Tame Creme Rinse Which Was Also A ToniĀ® Product Has Not Been Seen In The U.S. Since The Sale. But, Other ToniĀ® Products Were Purchased By Other Vendors. SUN-INā„¢ Spray-On Sun Lightner Was Sold To Chattem Labs, Happy Face Washing Cream To Lander Cosmetics. So, Tameā„¢ Could Be Anywhere.

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