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They Say It Gives You Good Body…

They say that beer gives you good body, but I always thought they meant your hair. You know, bouncy, beautiful, full of body hair. Now There’s Beer to Wash Away Your Troubles and you can find out what it does to your body too! A German brewery has developed a brew you can wash with. “The beer cloaks bathers in a delicate aroma of malt.” Mmmm… just what I’ve always wanted! [via VieuxBandit]

By Christine

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Hi All, I know of a wonderful cream rinse. I used to love Tame too! I was thinking of asking Vermont Country Store to try to find it. They do get some of the older products in if they can find them.

The cream rinse that I now use, which is FABULOUS is found at this site:

The cream rinse is George Michael cream rinse – is pink- and in a large bottle. They also have a GREAT deep conditioner and a weekly conditioner. My hair is very long and wavy. Their products allow me to get a comb through my hair without pulling out half of it!

They ship me the products so I know you can order from them. I make a trip to them twice a year – as they are the only ones that I will allow to touch my hair. Hope this helps!

Hey, I just wanted to know where to find this shampoo, I live in Canada’s capital Ottawa and was wandering if they sell any here
thanx alot

I’m changing products a little bit. Does anyone remember how good Wildroot Cream Oil used to smell on little girls hair back in the 50’s and 60’s. It smelled like a light perfume and when a child had it in her hair you could tell-it was wonderful and made your hair shiny. They still make Wildroot and it has original scent-but I beleived it had a more perfumy smell when it was in the yellow black an white box

I too am a Big fan of the old hair products like Body on Tap, Tame , and Gee your hair smells terrific. I also remember as a girl the perfume and body spray called “Loves Baby Soft”. I was fortunate enough to find this in a store that went out of business. I guess it was found in some old inventory because I hadnt seen this in years before this. I would love to find these items again too and I keep looking on ebay with the hopes one day I will get lucky. Thanks for this site and the trip down memory lane!!!

everyone is asking about Tame and Body On Tap – still no answers on Tame at all – if found, I will buy in droves: contact me at only if you know where i can get the real thing, on either product. i have a gazillion friends that want them too, but only if they are the original formulas. thanks.

Hi I saw a few of you were lokking for Silkience shampoo and Conditioner. I buy it from my grocery store in Roscoe, Illinois. It is sold at Highlander groceries which is owned by Kroger. They also have White Rain . It knows comes in different formulas (extra body, extra moisturizing) but it works the same on my hair as it always did. I think it may have a new fragrance but it still smells great.

Clairol Herbal Essence and Breck were great shampoos.

Why in the world don’t the marketers ever pay attention to how many people want the old shampoos back???????

i too loved the way clairol herbal essence shamppoo & cond. left my hair soft & full of body{ the one for normal hair. to bad they stopped mking it :(..i wrote them an email & they said costumers didnt seem to buy it .. as stated above..hard to was teh oly hsmpoo that didnt leave a buildup & left my hair teh same nice way every time.. the new formulas are not good at all 🙁

Just wanted to add my comments to all of the above .. My sister and I used to use Body on Tap beer shampoo and like everyone says … the smell was awesome … I would love to have it back… I know we cant turn back time but someone needs to help us in the US…… Please give us something to look forward to … the shampoo we have to choose from are expensive and really stink

I actually found this on a hard-to-find site. Proctor & Gamble SA now makes it. There is a phone on the bottle: 0860 112 188; this bottle does list formaldehyde as an ingredient. It worked good enough I’d buy it again, but not exactly the same smell, results as I saw with the original

Found the receipt! You can purchase “new formula” Body on Tap Shampoo, Conditioner and Shampoo/Conditioner combo at this link:

just copy link into your browser (site is Out of Africa Trading in Canada-shipping was a tad high). Note, it IS reformulated (“new improved!”); it does have a nice smell and leaves hair shiny and very soft as the original did. not the same, but it is worth a try. Never used the conditioner and would love one that does not leave long 45 year old hair frizzy!

I am a great believer in purchasing brand name shampoos/conditioners But will try just ANYTHING at least once. Just about 2 months ago I bought my very first bottle of Body on Tap shampoo & conditioner and absolutley loved it!! From the smell to the texture that it left in your hair when finished, it was great. It honestly has been just about the best shampoo that I have purchased and would recommend it to anyone! Unfortunately since moving back abroad I am not able to purchse it anymore. Is there a US website that I could get it from???? Thanks!!

I too would love Gee your hair smells terrific and Body on Tap to return with it’s original smell. It has been years since I used it but man oh man can I still remeber that smell. I to emailed procter and gamble and asked that they bring it back, they weren’t convinced and told me that it wouldn’t happen. Fools, I would stock up on both shampoos.

BODY ON TAP was made by Bristol Meyers and marketed for about 4 years.
It was pulled from the shelves not because of any inference to alcohol, but simply because it didn’t sell that well. People who loved it LOVED it, but there were not enough of them.
My roommate worked as a saledman for Bristol Meyers, we had a seemingly unending supply. When it went out of production all the sales people hoarded all they could.

I just found Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific!!!! Vermont Country Store has it!!
You can find it at!!

I am so excited!

comment #83 Allison Says:
April 4th, 2006 at 10:09 pm
I just bought two full bottles of Body on Tap off eBay — original 80s vintage!

someone ask Allison if she will send me a nice picture of the original bottle

You probably got scammed just like I did. I got something, but it definitely was NOT Body On Tap. I got some kind of runny, golden colored stuff. It didn’t stink, but it smelled cheap. It sure wasn’t the original Beer Enriched BOT. Watch out for this seller. They do state in their ad that the shampoo will be shipped in water bottles. A LEGITIMATE seller would sell you the original bottle with the original shampoo in it and not make you pay EXTRA for the empty bottle! The bottle that my bogus BOT came in was one of those 16.9 oz. water bottles. I’ve been trying to contact this seller for over a week and no response. I’m opening a dispute with eBay tomorrow.

Does anyone remember a shampoo called “Small Miracle” .
It was in a greenish /blue container
smell so great !!!!
Who made this ??
Also anyone know where to get some ?

ahhh Body on Tap! short and sassy, gee your hair smells terrific! Flashback to being an 11 year old girl! I don’t know what popped into my brain, but suddenly, I was remembering Body on Tap, the smell and how thick it was. Of course, I have to Google it and find out how much it is missed. I also used another Beer Shampoo, but can’t remember the name of it for the life of me. It wasn’t shaped like the Body on Tap bottle, but it was a beer shampoo. I think it had: Miss__________Beer Shampoo&Conditioner in the title, it was definetely a shampoo and conditioner in one, but not nearly as thick. I am in Canada, so I am not sure if it was an exclusive Canadian product or not. I am going to check out the Vermont Country Store and see what I can find. This is a great site! I am thrilled to see that I am not the only one missing Body on Tap!!

I just got off a chat window with a lady from Vermont Country Store. 29.00 and 27.55 in shipping:)

I will have to approach my sweetie about this, he knows that I have a shampoo ‘thing’ so he will likely mollify me:)

I also remember Maple Buds…does anyone else? god these were to die for, especially when they melted a bit in the package, then you just carefully ripped it open, and scraped it all into your mouth LOL 😉

I, too, thought I was the only one who knew of Body on Tap shampoo. My hair has never been the same since its disappearance from the shelves. Though, I’m sure age has more to do with it. Thanks so much for all your tips on how to find it again!!!

I have used and purchased this shampoo for years but then could not find it and longer. I am longing for this product to be produced again.

Body on Tap made my hair smell wonderful and no it did not smell like beer. It had this clean fresh scent that I would most likely die for if again this product was on the market.

Body on Tap also made your hair smooth, no frizz, and shiny, really beautiful, IT DID LIVE UP TO EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED IN A SHAMPOO.

Here is the story of how I found the product. My freind had it and I wanted it but being from a not so rich family I had to found employment to purchase, but my first bottle came from my Mom, she told me, “here Sandi I bought this for you but use it sparingly because it was expensive for us”, so when I did use it all, I asked my grandmother if I could come to work with her so that I could make a little extra money to buy things that we as a family could not. (I worked as a floor girl in a Coat Factory in Philly) So, off to work I went, and my first pay check went to buying 3 bottles of BODY ON TAP, because I did not want to run out.

As I got older I noticed that it was no longer on the selves, I miss my favorite shampoo. Wish I couls find it again. So , if anyone knows were I can please email me at

Thanks for the memories

wow!! What a blast from the past. I can’t believe this. there are so many others like me looking for a piece of our past! I like many other fellow body on tap and gee your hair smells terrific users are searching for this great product. Why in the world are they only making these great products in Africa? and is Vermont the only other place to get it? Thats crazy !!! We need it back !!wher every one can buy it.My kids generation is missing out, and Iwould love a whiff to trigger so many great memories for me from that era!!

update, I just got my Body on Tap from Vermont Country Store and OMGGGGGGG!!! It smells just like the original!!!! talk about delish! The only things that are different, is the bottle and it seems a bit more orange and a bit thinner than I remembered. I seem to remember it being browner and thicker. Ah well, I am thrilled to have it, and use it sparingly.

Yes, I agree that it is a thinner consistency than the original. I still have some of the original I bought from Satooz in Australia (S. African manufacture) in 2004 and this new batch is thinner and lighter. But it still smells GREAT and “gives your hair good body.” We’re talkin’ puffy, okay? lol

I think this web page has a major problem. The printing on it is so small you can’t even read it and all the stuff doesn’t come up. I think your webmaster needs to get busy and check it out.

I also ordered Body on Tap from the Vermont Country Store and it really does smell just the way I remember it! However, I didn’t see a conditioner for sale, and the Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific shampoo I also ordered doesn’t really smell like the original, but still good. They do sell Lemon Up shampoo and alot of other “memories”. I also used to use Wella Balsam and Flex but haven’t looked for those yet!

Can anyone tell me where I can by Silkence or Gee your hair smells terrific. I really loved those shampoos but I cant find them. I hate the shampoos they make now. I also like the old Pantene shampoo and conditioner.Thank you

How about Agree shampoo and conditioner from the 70’s and 80’s? It smelled awesome and the scent lasted all day long. Can’t find it either. Just saw some Pert in Walgreens, but it was the 2in1 kind and they dont have the conditioner for sale. It smelled like the original.

For those of you out there that are looking for the fabulous smelling FARRAH FAWCETT shampoo from the late 70’s and early 80’s, you can actually but it on FARRAH’s website at FARRAHFAWCETT.US, check it out on her site.

There is an original Body On Tap on E-bay that has 4 days left to bid. Just in case anyone is interested. I was browsing for vintage shampoos and came across this one.

Just checked… Body on Tap is at ebay also… just type in Body on Tap into the search window there. There’s one available as far as I can tell.

It’s BuyItNow price is $100 …. ouch.

I was shopping at Dollar Store last week. I always look for brands I know rather than the poor quailty brands they usually sell–not to mention their names….

I see Silkience and it triggers a memory. Bought a trial bottle of shampoo and one of conditioner–as sort of a $2 gamble. What a payoff!!! It is fantastic. I have long straight hair and have been paying $4+ a bottle for good shampoo/conditioner that my grown daughters tell me to buy. I went back and stocked up on Silkience. May go back and buy more.

I saw the ebay sale of Silkience. Forget about it. Go to Dollar Store. You have have to visit more than one to find it.

I can’t remember the name of a cream rinse that was popular in the 50s! It was deliciously pearly pink and may have smelled like cherries or strawberries. It is part of my soul and I would love to even know the name!

Can someone tell me if they have purchased Body on tap from the Vermont country store recently? If so, is it the original? Does it have that same AWSOME scent? I am thinking of ordering some, but I only want the original. Thanks in advance!

A whole range of Body on Tap shampoos are available on the shelves of most shops in South Africa. This product is manufactured and distributed by Procter and Gamble SA Trading. It is however a far cry from the original Body on Tap advertised as brewed with a third real beer. It does not even smell the same. I hope someone can bring the original product back. IT WORKED!!!!

I splurged and ordered some Body on Tap from the Vermont store. I can’t wait to get it! I really wish the conditioner was available as well because from what I remember, that really is what made the delicious smell last and last.

Stacy, let me know if you find the conditioner. I did buy some body on tap shampoo from the vermont store and it does have that delicious smell. But it does not last like it use to back in the early 80’s when I use to use it. I would love to find the conditioner!

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