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Tribute to Jack Tripper…

This Craigslist post made me smile in a sad melancholy way: Take a step that is new… room for rent. [via Leonard]

By Christine

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21 replies on “Tribute to Jack Tripper…”

I am in love with Jack Tripper. He’s my idol. Always makes me laugh. John Ritter will definitley be missed. He wasa big part of the comedic life and it was such a tragedy to see him go. At least I will always have Jack. =)

There couldn’t have been a better actor in this entire world that could have portrayed the character of “Jack Tripper” better than John did. I know that I will miss him more than anything, but he will always be remembered, and could never be replaced. I love you John. R.I.P.

When I first saw Threes Company,Jack made me laugh the most.I also thought he had the life.I mean living with two girls?Who wouldn’t want that life especially with two beautiful girls.

i love John Ritter its not fair he had to go he was the nicest funniest gut ever i couldnt forget him if i tried he is my hero I LOVE YOU JOHN!!!!!

I so love,loved and was and is inlove with Jack Tripper…John Ritter was the best out there. So sad he past…sigh….Well lots of love to him where ever he is now…..xoxo

God, i LOVE jack tripper!! I mean, he makes me laugh my butt off in every episode of 3’s Co.! It’s so heartbreaking that john ritter is dead! )-: I feel everyone’s pain. I wish john the best and i can’t thank him enough for the laughter he brought into my dull life. I LOVE YOU JOHN!!!!

I miss you john! you made me laugh and i love you so much! you were such a wonderful man! you are my absolute fav. comedian! i love you as jack tripper the most. i hate it that you died like this!!! i’ll pray for you and john denver all the time!! Love you!!!!!!!!! (-:

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