Tweets for 2008-12-02…

  • – Woke up to fresh snow, and unlike yesterday’s, it stuck! Yeah! #
  • Man with pamphlets on street in downtown Chicago: “Why are all famous people crackers?” Hello? Have you heard of OPRAH? Or Obama? *eyeroll* #
  • Martha Stewart is making giant snowflakes out of 6-pack rings. Cool looking, but who has that many just laying around? #
  • Breakfast potatoes had a lot of pepper on them. The pain from the GERD… ugh. I need to find some Zantec. Ouch. #
  • I *heart* Lightroom v2. Thank you, that is all. #
  • Wow. Only 12 times in US history has the Dow dropped 500+ points in 1 day. 7 of those 12 have been in 2008 – including today. *sigh* #
  • Prepping Black Friday client orders for printing – the special was a huge success! Yeah! Photocart and Lightroom make my life good! #
  • So excited that my fellow SWPB members want to get in shape – we’re going to be FIT Photographers! Cheer us on! #
  • Needed a new WordPress theme, so now has a new look. With pretty much no pink. Still needs some work. Later. #
  • At Pizzeria Uno for dinner. I’m pretty sure this isn’t on the diet plan. Oops. Great week to start #
  • Added my stats in to the blog at … not an easy moment. Every journey begins with the first step though. #

By Christine

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