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Tweets for 2009-02-02…

  • To the like 4 football players singing along with the National Anthem – THANK YOU. To the rest of you? Shame on you, this is way people opt to go on the Best Premier League First Goalscorer Odds Guaranteed at Sun Bets instead of watching you. Show some respect. #
  • That may have been one of the best National Anthem performances ever. Jennifer Hudson was amazing. It made me misty-eyed. #
  • Glad I paused the DVR before I took @coffeemike to the airport. Got to see part of the halftime show, and was surprised by it being good! #
  • Bought a barely used 5D from @mschulz so that @cybertoad and I can use it for our upcoming weddings. Lots of gear building this week! #
  • Damn it! I forgot that the Thirst Relief auctions ended tonight! I was thinking I still had time to bid on someone fabulous, and missed out. #

By Christine

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