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Tweets for 2009-03-12…

  • I really hate the new Comcast commercials, and it annoys me even more that they use the same song as Ugh. #
  • Sweet! @bmbosse just got us tickets to see Depeche Mode! Last time I saw them in concert? 20 years ago, exactly. Aug 1989 in the Woodlands. #
  • As much as I love The Mammoth Men, am I the only one getting *really* burned out by hearing about them? Maybe 1-2x a year, but come on… #
  • Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hatin’ on the Mammoth Men. Just a bit over saturated with their mancations. Losing a lot of its initial luster. #
  • Dear Weather: We have an outdoor wedding on Saturday. Right now, you are forecasted to be teh suck. Please be nice to us for Saturday. #
  • Have you purchased your “Loads of Hope” tshirt yet? All profits go to help charity; $50k raised in 4 hours. #pgdigital #
  • RT @sarahshah: only 12 more followers to get to 600! (Really, you WANT to be one of them!) #
  • Totally cracking up over – can’t wait to see the videos. Thanks @sxswbaby for the link! #sxswi #

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