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Persons injured in an auto accident have a right to be compensated for their injuries and damages. Catastrophically injured auto accident victims and clients will be able to use these resources to carry on life with as much fulfillment as possible despite lasting physical, emotional and cognitive effects of injuries. The importance of taking pictures after a car accident is crucial if possible, without pictures you may loose important evidence.

  • Even though I’m a gadget junkie, I won’t update my iPhone until version 3.1 comes out. The X.0 versions always seem too buggy. #
  • The DJ managed to slide in a version of this at the end of the Indian reception the other night. It always make… ♫ #
  • Only thing better than the Bee Gees? The Bee Gees … remixed!!! ♫ #
  • I really want to play with the new pricing features in @ShootQ. Instead, I’m going to edit, which is much more responsible! #
  • zOMG. @scoooooooooooty – we managed to summon @brucedorn. Whoa. Crazy. And I agree, Chuck Norris in disguise. #
  • I really hate the annoying crime scene investigator guy character that they have introduced to Law & Order SVU. #

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