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Tweets for 2009-07-14…

  • My friends are the BEST! @kellyniemann just brought me her laptop so I can use Photoshop on it! Yeah! Cranking out edits this morning! #
  • Need to launch @millerslab software on @coffeemike’s MacBook. It is a JNLP file, and won’t launch. Help… anyone know how to make it go? #
  • I think that undying devotion from @TheFuzzball is worth more than a drink for @coffeemike. Who, I should add, is making pizza from scratch. #
  • Regarding my earlier issue with @millerslab software – it was an issue with the Mac OS. @coffeemike did some geek magic and it works now. #
  • RT @cybertoad Things I miss from Belize: clear turquoise water, the sound of wind through palm leaves, hermit crabs, walking barefoot. #
  • Dear hard drive: Please behave and boot up. I’m really not in the mood to deal with more issues right now. I just want to edit. Thank you. #
  • Problem with external drive was a wonky cable. Much easier to fix then my laptop’s problems. Still waiting for them to get the part in. #

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