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Tweets for 2009-07-18…

  • Discovered that my car was towed @anvil when @bmbosse & I went to leave. @clickwindrepeat had just arrived, and is taking me to get it. Yay! #
  • – Irony – sign when we went to pick up my towed car, in a rather remote parking lot. Oh, you are so clever! #
  • Typing this on my MacBookPro. It is home, it is shiny, and it is wonderful. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Kermit Arm Waving* #
  • Woke up this morning thinking “I had such a great time last night!” then remembered the car was towed. Eh, whatever. Still a great time! #
  • Side note: I rarely drink when I’m out, especially if driving. So I decided that the tow=bar tabs for all those times. It balances. I’m ok. #
  • RT @davidherrold iPhone poll – How many pages of apps do you currently have on your iPhone? #

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