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Tweets for 2009-08-02…

  • zOMG. You guys are all SO AWESOME for coming out for White Linen Night! Too many too mention, but that was SO fun! Must do it again soon! #
  • Actually, can I have a do-over so I can talk to all the people I didn't get a chance to talk to tonight. Such a whirlwind of busy – awesome! #
  • Incredible time tonight! Thank you again to our sponsors @SaintArnold @FleischerWines Porch Swing Desserts and @PetalsbyDesign #WLNH #SLGT #
  • Now that #wlnh is over, I'm turning my focus to & – kicking off BIG things this month! #
  • I think I should download almost all of the books on this list on the Kindle – yay for free books! #
  • RT @WineConference: Ladies & Gents, ticket sales starts TOMORROW (Aug 3) & the FIRST ones get a special treat 😉 RT PLZ #
  • Realizing that trying to launch 5 projects all at the same time, on top of everything, might just be a bit too much. Reeling it back in… #

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