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Tweets for 2009-08-12…

  • Awesome award for the day goes to @brookeschwab and @jshepard for calling me about studio break-in and helping me out with everything. #
  • Window broken out, glass everywhere, TV stolen. They left the AppleTV behind. Nothing else harmed. Glad I have insurance! #
  • @DayToRemember @TabMcCausland @JenXer Pretty sure it was just a smash & grab, cops said the same. TV only. Lots of glass all over. #
  • Dealing with the break-in has so far been rather calm. Getting things done. Don't have that violated feeling, but I don't live there. #
  • Maybe I'll feel different when I'm up there, but @coffeemike went up to deal with it while I made calls and handled that end of things. #
  • Break-in Positive #22 – I don't store anything there. No lights, no gear. Unless they like antiques or Ikea furniture, TV was only valuable. #
  • Thank you to EVERYONE for all of your support. It has truly helped keep me calm about the whole thing. I can feel the love! #
  • Road trip! Heading to New Orleans for the Flickr SWPB meetup with @kellyniemann, @cybertoad and @karibethn! After this day, I need a drink. #
  • @christopherlin tonight is the Flickr Liqr Party! Don't know more details yet, other than Liqr will be involved. #
  • – The rainbow on our way to New Orleans! #

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