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Web Fonts 101…

I’ve been giggling about this all day long, but no one at the office could really “get” it. However, I know you will.

When I first interviewed at the law firm, the attorney I met with (now one of my bosses) told me he is also in charge of the firm website. Uh huh, you can see where this is going, right? Yep, added to my job description of being a paralegal was the fact that I would maintain the website too.

It’s a pretty straightforward website, mainly just HTML with some javascript rollovers for the buttons. Nothing too unusual. However, my boss was convinced that the previous designer was a complete idiot. Simple text changes would take her months.

Anyone involved in web design for awhile knows that there are fonts that you should use for websites – the common fonts that everyone has on their machines. If you use wacky fonts and a visitor doesn’t have them, they won’t see your site as you intended.

However, I really don’t know where she was coming from when she added this font tag on every page of the site:

font face=”Arial,New Font Name,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular”

Errr… can we say someone forgot to clean up their WYSIWYG code? Because in all my years of font addiction (I have tons and tons and tons of fonts), I can guarantee there is NO font named “New Font Name.” I am considering having one made though…

Yes, that is at the top of my list of the code that needs to be cleaned up.

By Christine

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Wait, is the bad part the “New Font Name” or the fact that it’s in a font tag? 😀 I could *make* a New Font Name font for you if you like … 😉 Personally, I’m sad to see that the first font listed is Arial … so many people live by that terrible rip-off font. :*(

The fact that it’s stuck there in the middle of the font tag. Yes, yes, I now WANT a font named “New Font Name”. I think if I ever finally get my handwriting font done, that will have to be the name for it!

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