Feel the Burn… (Er, the FeedBurner.)

Happy Honeymooners!I’m trying to convert all of my RSS feed readers over to using my FeedBurner feed. If you are reading this in Bloglines, NewsGatorOnline (my personal favorite), Google, My Yahoo! or your RSS feed reader of choice, would you mind converting? Just click here to subscribe. (I’ve included handy-dandy links on my sidebar too.)

One of the cool things about the Feedburner feeds now is that they offer features like including Del.icio.us links and Flickr photos in their feeds. I’ve enabled both of those for now for testing. I have considered posting my Del.icio.us links here, but this seemed like a good alternative.

If you have no idea what RSS feeds are, you might want to read these posts:
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- NewsGator vs. Bloglines (My thoughts on why I prefer NewsGatorOnline to read RSS feeds.)
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And an oldie but a goodie that I wrote for ScriptyGoddessWhat is XML? And What is RSS? Why Do I Want It Anyways? Lots of little tidbits in there that are still applicable.

If you have a blog, enable feeds. Full feeds with pictures is best. Pretty please? I know it takes jumping through a few hoops on some hosted blogging platforms (namely Typepad), but it is so worthwhile. Let me know if you have any questions about this stuff – I’m a huge fan of feeds, so I’m happy to share any knowledge I might have.

But there is one thing to remember. If you read everything via feeds, take a moment to pop in to the sites you read every once in awhile and leave a comment or two. Every blogger appreciates your feedback. Well, unless they are really cold-hearted, but why would you be reading them anyways if they were?

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