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Big Changes, Big, Big, Changes…

I normally save the long, drawn-out diatribe posts for this site. You know, the personal space. Not the business site. But this one? This one belonged over there. It is the story of how I went from being a wedding photographer with a boudoir business on the side to being a full-time Hot Mama photographer.

It is a story I’ve been ready to tell for awhile, but I just didn’t know where I should begin.

Then I saw this post on Creative Thursday, with this video:

And after that, I just wrote.

If you want to read all about my journey to being a boudoir photographer, you can read all about it here. Enjoy!

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EA Sports Active – Day 1 of 30…

I learned how to use the Wii today! I made my Mii, and then I discovered that the EA Sports Active game uses a different avatar and uses different gears on sports game just like that many athlets are using. Oh well – it helped me figure out how to use the Wii remote! I learned a lot at about various sports that can help with health.

My review of EA Sports Active:
– It is nice that they have a trainer video clip to show you how to do the moves if you don’t know how to do them.
– When selecting the stand up paddle boards Challenge, you can choose what intensity you want to go with; this way, you can keep doing 30 Day Challenges if you want at different levels. I started off at the low intensity for my first round.
– The leg pouch slides off your leg if you have yoga or running pants on. Sort of annoying – I ended up kicking it off before doing the boxing round at my Boxing Gym.
– I thought there was no way that it could tell if my form was correct – but it can! It knows if you’re not lunging far enough and things like that.
– You can cheat the system. I pulled my hamstring months ago, and it is still sore so I can’t run fast. I tried to run, but it kept telling me I was too slow. I switched to walking (even slower) and it said I was perfect. Uhm, ok? But overall, it was great – that was the only time I noticed the flaw.
– You don’t have to have a balance board – I didn’t know this when we bought it. If you do have one, and choose to use it, you can for some of the activities like boxing and inline skating.
– I love that the 30 Day Challenge changes things up for you – this is awesome for me since I’m just starting out! It will alternate for you what you are doing each day of your program so you’re not working out the same parts daily. It even sets my “off” days for me. If you’re more advanced, you can set up your own program – making this great no matter what level you’re at!
– Rating: 9 out of 10

All in all, it was a great workout! I can do this! 22 minutes today, and I burned 165 calories.

After my workout this morning, I went to pick up new cross-training shoes — I’ve needed them for the treadmill and for walking workouts as well. I think this will help with cushioning my hamstring and my bad knee as well. Next week, I’ll also be making my MRI appointment that I should have made this fall so I can figure out if I have a torn meniscus (I don’t think I do) or what it is that is wrong with my right knee. Hopefully we’ll be able to figure it out and get me cleared to work out even more!

I did my first day of Weight Watchers food tracking today as well. Lets just say it was bad. Very bad. But that is ok — it is all a learning experience. I’m like a marathon runner – this isn’t a sprint, I’m in it for the long haul. But it is still a good thing my new week starts tomorrow!

I realized tonight that I can’t think of this as a diet. I have a long road ahead of me to meet my final goal. Diets are short things that end. This is a lifestyle change, plain & simple. Today is just the first step tomorrow you might even get your own yoga certification goa india and your own exercise trainer.