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This Week’s “I Hate Houston” Post…

Pink Rose

The above photograph was taken last fall. When it was cool outside. Click it to view it large.

It is freakin’ sweltering hot outside. It is April. It is supposed to be spring. NOT near record-breaking temps in the 90s or whatever unbelievable temperature it was today. At 4pm, I had to walk across the very small campus – maybe 2 blocks worth of walking – and while I was walking fast because I was in a hurry, I was dripping wet by the time I arrived at the Fine Arts department offices. I was miserable. This makes me cranky.

Tomorrow’s high temperature is expected to be 94 degrees. That doesn’t even take into account the “feels like” temperature, which will probably be around 97 degrees with the nasty humidity.

Oh yeah, I am *so* excited that summer is right around the corner. Ha!

It is going to be a long, hot summer. I am grumpy just thinking about it.

I’ll try to stop complaining now. There is no use. We aren’t moving anywhere – I put in a plug last night for Mike to try to get a job at the giant company that his friend Mandy now works at in Seattle (not Microsoft), but he pointed out what a good place he is at right now with his company – he is doing what he loves, he has room to advance, so on and so forth. Neither one of us wants to give that up. If only it didn’t mean living in Houston. Of course, there are other reasons to stay here – low cost of living, inexpensive housing (especially compared to Seattle!), my parents live here (although my Mom wants to move too), Jason is about to start high school, if we moved I would have to pay “out of state” tuiton for awhile in a new state until we met the residency requirements… the list goes on.

On a positive note, my Half Pi Shawl is done! I just have to block it out tonight or tomorrow night. And I entered 5 photographs in the Fine Arts department competition – 2 Paris photos (only one which has been posted online), 1 flower photo, and 2 black & white photographs (including the sleeping flamingos); if they select any of them they will be displayed in the gallery on campus, and the winner of the competition gets scholarship money. I also have my applications for two other scholarships almost ready to go – the Honor Students scholarship (I am in Honors Chemistry right now), and the Pre-Professional Medical program scholarship. Having someone else cover the cost of books and tuition would be sweet!

Oh! And I can put a price on the prints and offer them up for sale! It would be so awesome to have someone buy my photographs!

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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This fellow Houstonian feels you on every count. It was ridiculously hot today. And, we’re in Houston because it’s where the jobs are for us. Most of the time, it’s not so bad, and I am usually a summer girl, but not when it’s summer already in April!

Proof that Bananarama are not from Texas:

Hot summer streets
And the pavements are burning
I sit around
Trying to smile but
The air is so heavy and dry
Strange voices are saying
Things I can’t understand
It’s too close for comfort
This heat has got
Right out of hand

It’s a cruel, cruel April
Leaving me here on my own
It’s a cruel, cruel April
Now you’re gone

Denver is dealing with unexpected highs as well. What should be 60’s/70’s with scattered snow/rain/winds during April – we are getting high 80’s and little rain, lots of winds. It’s going to be a HOT summer.

Yep, it was hot today! So much for Spring… although it was pretty much spring while it was supposed to be winter, so I’m not going to complain… Gee, I wonder if this is all part of global warming??? Oh, and another benefit to living in Houston, is ME!

So, I might want one of your photos….

You’re right Jeanie – that is a definite benefit! All of the Houston knitters are *so* awesome. People don’t realize that we have the BEST knitters here. Ironic, with all of this heat!

And Michael & Ginger have talked of moving back to Houston too, and Michael can then sing that Bananarama song for us. Or he can give me more recording advice for my podcast. Whatever works for him. I’ll gladly buy him a pint or two in exchange.

I am cranky too! There are many good reasons to live here, but weather is NOT one of them. I was just reading about folks who live/vacation in different parts of northern California – now that’s the way to spend summer.

It was 100 at the Austin Airport yesterday. We live 15 miles east of it. Guess whose AC didn’t want to start this year? Yeah, we had salad last night and tonight we might just move the TV to the front porch. It’s much cooler outside than inside at dark thirty. Global warming? Nah, it can’t be real.

I’m freezing. And I’m sick of freezing. Seriously, I carry a little plug in heater everywhere I go. I crave some warm winds and have visions of sweat beads. But dang it Mike, Seattle, that’s the place to be even if it is cold as balls. 🙁

I’ll get my fix in May when I come home for a wedding. I have a cute new sleevless dress and I’ll never get to wear it up here without a coat or sweater.

Today in Seattle it is beautifully sunny & 60…I loves it!!! (also, the hail on Saturday was interspersed with sunny – or at least it was at my place – definitely odd)

Plus – there’s lots of different kinds of growth opportunities at the large company I work for. 😉 It’s very close to the most challenging place I’ve ever worked & I’m working with some of the the smartest people I’ve ever met. Anyway, Mike already knows all this – I’ve pitched it the best I can.

You’re being much too logical about the whole thing IMHO – think with the part of you that misses me & loves Seattle! 😉 There are mountains here! And oceans! And whale watching! And I’m sure there are knitters…


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Mandy, if there aren’t knitters there now, I could always convert people to being knitters! I am sure there are shops there – I know of some closer to the Canadian border if nothing else! 😀 (Plus I have plenty of stash, but we shouldn’t focus on that!)

We should switch places – want to come to Philly? I LOVE THE HEAT!!! Unfortunately, my husband hates it and wants to move to some place like Alaska. Um. Won’t be happening!

I don’t give a shit why anyone hates Houston; all I know is know is that I hate H-town, especially those fucking cops.

Houston sucks, I hate it, traffic is so bad i dont want to drive anywhere , going to grocery store is a major task.
The humidity would gag-a-maggot, and it stinks.
My wife talked me into moving to this dump and I left AZ
with low property tax to one of the highest in the nation.
I hate this place so bad its making me physically sick and Im heading towards divorce, I cant live my last 20 years or so of my life in this hell hole.

Being a native Houstonian, and having lived in both Boston and New Orleans (about 7 out of 32 years), I also enjoy making fun of Houston and Houstonians. But really, I have only one bit of advice for all the people who really have such a deep festering hatred of the city, LEAVE!!! In case you haven’t noticed, one of the biggest problems is traffic. Please do us all a huge favor, go back wherever you came from or wherever else you think will make you happy. So long, HAPPY TRAILS!!!! I-10, 45, 59 anything but 6-10 or Beltway 8. Hurry your destiny and my happiness await…

I think Florida is even worse than Houston for being really hot and humid, especially for the unlucky few who have no AC in their cars, or can’t afford a car and reply on public transportation.

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