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Tweets for 2009-06-10…

  • I love it when a company truly listens to their users and makes changes based on feedback. @ShootQ is the BOMB!!! #
  • New to ShootQ? They are doing Setup Webinars DAILY this week! Check their forums for times. Another one today at 4pm EST. #
  • Just realized that there are under 2 hours left before I do the *LIVE* broadcast Fast Track Coaching call with @danesanders. Eeeeee!!! #
  • Who wants to listen in on today’s Fast Track Coaching??? Send me a DM or an @ message and I’ll DM you the URL & code! #
  • Fast Track Coaching –
    access code is dane. Live NOW, and recorded for later too. Enjoy! #
  • The link & code for the Fast Track Coaching is in my last post – still valid for whenever you want to listen! Thanks again, @danesanders! #
  • And for those of you listening in on the Coaching call – THANK YOU!!! You’re the best! *mwauh!* #
  • I owe my “We all rise with the tide” sentiment to @garrettnudd, @reginaholder, @genehiga, and everyone else at Elevate 2 in 2007!!! #
  • Seriously stubbed my toe while on the FTP Coaching call earlier. Still throbbing over an hour later. That probably isn’t good, is it? Ugh. #
  • 25 minutes to go, I need to get a blog post out for today, and I’m having overload. Can’t pick a topic! Eep! #

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