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Tweets for 2009-06-11…

  • New post announcing my eco-friendly album lineup! SO EXCITED!!! #
  • Toe update because I know you care: it still hurts. 8 hours later. Flexing my foot & curling the toes down=pain. Slightly bruised & swollen. #
  • Did you know that @squarespace is giving away 30 iPhones? Seriously! How sweet is that? #squarespace #
  • If you already have an iPhone, they will give you an Apple gift card for $199, so you can use it for anything Apple. Awesome! #squarespace #
  • Toe update: Still hurts. More range of motion without pain, but if it continues I’ll be at the doctor tomorrow. 4 day wedding this weekend. #
  • Fabulous meeting with Janet & Kelli! I can’t wait for their wedding on June 20th! Over a year since we first met – it is finally here! Yay! #
  • I think EVERYONE in the wedding industry – or self-employed at all – should read this: We Made You – #
  • Yesterday on FTP Coaching w/ @danesanders we talked community. This post by @davidredding ties in to what we said. Sweet! #

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