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Tweets for 2009-08-18…

  • Skipping out on late night dancing at Tabu. Just not up to it after going non-stop for so many days. #
  • @clickwindrepeat I saw that the other day. Made me queasy. Chocolate milk & lemons do NOT mix well. Marketing FAIL. in reply to clickwindrepeat #
  • @kennykim am I eligible if she is my roommate here at Skip's Summer School? *grin* in reply to kennykim #
  • Part of what makes @skipschool so awesome is that it is smaller and more intimate. Like one panel at a time too. No having to choose. #
  • AskDane by @danesanders will have @jerryghionis as the guest coach tomorrow. When Jerry gets his 2000th follower, coaching is FREE. RT! #
  • @coffeemike we need to figure out if @JasonAten is related to Mandy. They seem to be cut from the same awesomeness cloth. #
  • Next up @skipschool – @kevinkubota is on talking about Lightroom & workflow. So motivating to hear – always more to learn! #
  • @catieronquillo go you! That is awesome! Sounds delicious! in reply to catieronquillo #
  • Photographers: do you balance time spent with payback? How much do you really charge per hour? What is your bottom line? Know your numbers! #
  • @mschulz yes, but in determining that price, you have to know the real time cost for you for editing. How fast you can edit a shoot. in reply to mschulz #

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